We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Carl Adams – “Photons”

Carl Adams takes us into the future with “Photons,” a synth-driven production laced with cinematic synths, dark pads, and rousing drums to match.


JAYBEATZ – “Hustle”

Jaybeatz comes through this week’s list with a mellow but engaging track titled “Hustle.” The record has a nice synth texture and bouncy drums to match.

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Zaheer – “Tom Cruise – Instrumental”


Zaheer raises the energy levels with his release titled “Tom Cruise – Instrumental” a soothing and cinematic piece ripe with ethereal pads, snapping drums, lush guitar riffs, and an angelic vocal sample to complete the job.




Pico Panesa – “Darling”

Pico Panesa‘s “Darling” is a smooth guitar-driven piece that is both relaxing and reflective. He laces the guitars with soft keys and pulsating drum grooves to tie it all in a seamless manner.



sndwn. – “Oceanside”


Sndwn new single “Oceanside” is a potpourri of sounds and genres the producer used to create a dynamic and engaging piece from start to finish. From the lush synths, rapid percussions, Brazilian vocal samples and snapping trap drums, “Oceanside” offers a wide range of styles that keeps the listener locked in all the way. “Oceanside” is the first song off sndwn.’s upcoming EP Horizons (set for a mid June release).
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Topnachbeats – “Flipped”


Producer Topnachbeats shares the new release “Flipped” which sees him flipping Astral22’s “Imperial Theme (Instrumental).” The result is a somber, nostalgic piece ripe with ethereal strings and punchy drums.
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Jack Knite – “Limitless”

South Cali guitarist/producer Jack Knite shares his single “Limitless” for our list this week. The guitar-driven piece is quite cinematic and somewhat punchy. It’s well crafted and blends some elements of trap and rock in a unique manner.
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Dirty D – “Letalis”

Emerging producer Dirty D takes us into the dark jazz land streets on his new release entitled “Letalis.” The track is ripe with punchy trap drums, dark textures, and anthemic horns that pepper the track from start to finish.
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Arithmetik – “She Wrote My Name In Cursive”


Arithmetik comes through with some pre-summer vibes on his new release “She Wrote My Name In Cursive.” The chilled piano-driven beat is ripe with punchy drums, lush textures, and an overall nostalgic aesthetic.
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Dude -” Level”

” Level” is the new single-form producer Dude who goes for a different vibe with bass-heavy elements. The drums are punchy and the build-up is quite engaging as well.



Ambarch – “Butterscotch”


Cali-based musician Ambarch makes his way to our site with this reflective lo-fi infused hip-hop track titled “Butterscotch.” He makes use of the yangqin instrument and laces it with smooth textures and punchy drum grooves.
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HashFinger – “Get Down”

HashFinger‘s new single “Get Down” is a smooth head-nodding boom-bap jam ripe with dreamy strings, punchy drums, and cinematic stabs. This is the 1st of 8 new HashFinger tracks being released by Capacity Records (a new subsidiary label of Headcount Records).
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Flo Fi – “Yum JPG”

Flo Fi delivers a new single “Yum JPG” a blend of smooth modern jazz laced with lo-fi elements. From the ethereal horns, warm keys, and groove, the result is a nostalgia-inducing piece we all can rock with.
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KLK Beats – “entrance”

Japanese producer KLK Beats takes us to the “entrance” on this new release which sees him working with guitarist Munero and Sax player Junpei Fujita. The result is a soothing piece that is inspired by the sound of the forest and the serenity it offers.




JrumMajor – “My Destiny”

Emerging producer JrumMajor delivers this hard-hitting cinematic piece titled “My Destiny.” from the moody strings, lush stabs, and punchy grooves, he sure delivers something solid
This is the first official single off of his upcoming Beat Tape entitled I’m Not Good With Words.
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Kuo – “Feveran”


Turkish producer Kuo helps close out the list with his new release titled “Feveran.” The record is a blend of eastern sounds with modern experimental sensibilities. Lush, exotic strings, booming basslines, and punchy offbeat grooves are what make this engaging.
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