The dynamic duo made up of Moemaw Naedon & Calig Kontra share their final single “Futura Dystopia” taken from their new collaboration project. The track is a dark, trippy song that imagines a world where you either reign supreme or dare to live.

For both emcees, the track represents the same thing—the height of their work together—but for different reasons. For Calig, “Futura Dystopia” showed him what the two were capable of crafting as a duo. “Moemaw blacks out on that verse and hook,” Calig says, while adding that he thinks it perfectly summarizes the feel of the entire album, Cult Theatre.


“Futura Dystopia” is on all DSPs here. The entire project  Cult Theatre, can be purchased here. Moemaw Naedon & Calig Kontra deliver a post-apocalyptic banger with their new single, “Futura Dystopia,” an imaginative and vivid look at a world where “you either reign supreme or dare to live.”


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