We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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CaliCronk x Koopville – “Drizzling”

CaliCronk and Koopville present “Drizzling”, a laidback and melancholic beat ripe with warm and somber strings, lush keys, and sparsely arranged drum grooves.


B4Lasers – “Selena’s Dream”

B4Lasers is on his 12-week music release campaign with “Selena’s Dream” as number 3. The record starts off really slow with eerie vocal pads and picks up with punchy drums and soulful melodic hums. It’s quite somber but crisp as well.



Groove. – “Surreal”

Groove.’s “Surreal” is an off-kilter boom-bap beat ripe with lo-fi aesthetics. From the warm low tones, ethereal synths, and moody pads, Groove delivers a solid beat that will keep your heads nodding from start to finish.



xxi – “pepper



Greek producer xxi shares his new effort titled “pepper”, a mellow relaxed tune made up of somber textures, nostalgic horns, and gritty drum grooves.



Turnt Tina & The Eternitinas – “iSODANK”

Turnt Tina & The Eternitinas share visuals for their instrumental “iSODANK”. A rousing soulful beat that is ripe with pulsating and engulfing basslines, ethereal pads, and steady drum grooves that rise to a plateau as the track progresses. The lush Electric Guitar plucks also come into play at the start while the soft percussions add that extra flavor into the mix alongside the horn section.


Dude – “Pass the Sauce”

Dude brings something different to this week’s list with “Pass the Sauce”, an energetic beat made with punchy drums with machine gun hi-hats and funky bass synths, and moody strings to boot. It’s quite unique and groovy from start to finish.




Anthony Menzia – “Akhet”



“Akhet” by Anthony Menzia is an expressive and somewhat experimental piece that is made up of layered strings, synths, and ethereal sounds seamlessly placed on each other.




Halfspeed – “Take Your Time”



Halfspeed comes through with something reflective and relaxing with his new release titled “Take Your Time”. The keys are soft and quite dynamic and the layered sound design is brilliant.




vhskid. – “Favorite Rain”


vhskid‘s “Favorite Rain” is as smooth as butter. The ethereal textures are quite crisp and the soothing guitar riffs, warm basslines, and soft drums really merge together seamlessly. Overall, the nostalgic aesthetic really makes it engaging.



Amílcar – “Quiero Vivir”


Franco-Venezuelan music producer and composer Amilcar delivers this upbeat synth-driven beat titled “Quiero Vivir”. He makes use of soft trap-infused drums, lush synths and vocals like arpeggios and throws in some guitar pluck to match.
“Quiero Vivir” is taken from his new EP Blue Memories.




J-Fills – “Quarantime”



J-Fills’ “Quarantime” is a smooth reflective track ripe with warm textures, somber piano riffs with soft drums to match the ethereal sound design and lush guitar plucks as well.



Johnboybeats & Plon B. – “Twilight”


“Twilight” by Johnboybeats & Plon B is as melancholic as they come. Over somber keys, airy horns, and layered sound design, he delivers a soul-gripping piece that evokes long-gone memories.




Ogi feel the Beat – “We, The People”


Ogi feel the Beat never misses and on his new release “We, The People” he gives us a smooth moody track made up of somber synths, crisp bells, and warm textures to boot.



KingXxStrategic – “Chasing Ye”


KingXxStrategic’s “Chasing Ye” is a somber piano-driven beat laced over bass-heavy trap drums. It’s quite engulfing and exudes a nostalgic feeling as well.



PhilmyBeat – “High”


PhilmyBeat closes out the list with “High”, the beat is sparsely arranged and made up of a subtle bass line, lush textures, and soft drums.

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