Emerging singer Grace Sorensen‘s new single “Attraction” serves as her first-ever video. The Texas-based singer whose passion for music and dancing shines through in the video caught our attention with her sultry and commanding vocal performance. Bolstered by the punchy and soulful backdrop crafted by Andrew Schindler, Matt Noveskey, and Nate Villegas at Orb Recording Studio, Sorensen brings a refreshing take to the genre with her soothing melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics. Armed with a feel-good demeanor, she delivers a message of hope and upliftment to listeners by imploring them to find their truth and trust their gut.

The visuals were filmed/directed by Daniel Castillo and Jess who team up to bring the song to life. They really tap into Sorensen’s expressive vocals and unique style with the choreography, costumes, and set pieces. It has a warm and nostalgic vibe but it’s also cinematic as well.

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