We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Dude – “Mystic”


Dude opens up this week’s list with “Mystic,” a chilled reflective trap beat. The drums are crunchy and the xylophone-type synths do work well.



DJ Concept – “Motion Picture Shit”

NY producer DJ Concept goes for the jugular with this hard-hitting cinematic banger titled “Motion Picture Shit.” As the title suggests, the track is gripping with its’s cinematic keys, punchy drums, and distorted guitar riffs  that all culminate into one scenic piece. The track is from Crisis Center Collective’s upcoming producer compilation, Audio Cinematography.

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 Funky Notes – “Oh Children”


Swiss producer  Funky Notes flips a classic soul sample into an uplifting tune on “Oh Children.” Nicely chopped keys, lush strings, horns and punchy drums makes a whole lot of difference.





 lunath – “volte-face”

French producer lunath’s “volte-face” is a soothing, laidback piece that is ripe with ethereal textures, emotive guitar progressions over smooth drums to match. The title of the song means a sudden change in English.

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Little People – “Seamstress”


UK producer who goes by the moniker Little People shares a single titled “Seamstress” which is part of his EP Thread. A project that makes use of sampling in a very unique manner by chopping them into bits and rearranging them into something new that sounds completely different from the source material.



 Aguday – “Matter of Opinion”

Aguday’s “Matter of opinion” is a jazz-infused summer beat that is much needed in these crazy times. From the layered keys, warm textures, and synths, the track ushers in light and warmth into the soul.






GaryOAKland – “All We’ll Ever Need”


Cali-based producer GaryOAKland cooks up something refreshing as he delivers this solid cut titled “All We’ll Ever Need” to our list. Blending ethereal textures, lush keys, and a warm bassline to wrap it up, the producer sure brings a soothing and reflective feel to the list.

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Ogi feel the Beat – “Knowledge”

Ogi feel the Beat drops some “Knowledge” on us with this new release. A laidback and somber beat laced with moody strings, synths, and an eerie vocal sample to trigger nostalgic emotions. The release is  part of 21am LoFi mini EP

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 Provo x Cap Kendricks – “Capri Nights”

Munich-based producer  Provo teams up with Cap Kendricks for “Capri Nights.” A soothing relaxing instrumental ripe with punchy drums, throbbing synths, and lush textures. “Capri Nights” is taken from the forthcoming EP HANK.

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Combrogos – “Thank You”


Welsh producer Combrogos delivers a moody and melancholic beat titled “Thank You” to our list. He merges mellow piano chords, brooding textures over soft drum arrangements and a sad vocal sample to complete the job.





 Blvnco – “Forever-Ever”

Blvnco shows us something refreshing in his new release “Forever-Ever.” His production style is engaging as he makes use of carefully chopped vocal samples and somber piano riffs over soft drums.

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Kimihiro Yasaka – “RURI – “Fanfare for KIMIHIRO”

Montreal-based Japanese pianist Kimihiro Yasaka gives us a taste of his skills with this piano-led piece titled “RURI – “Fanfare for KIMIHIRO.” It’s quite vibrant and somewhat nostalgic as well from the fast-paced progressions to the pacing.



sila – “beachside”


Canadian producer sila takes us to a “beachside” with his new release. A short but punchy instrumental that is ripe with summer elements, warm tones, and smooth drums.

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Mason. – “The Lesson After The L”

Chi-town-based producer Mason uses his own experiences as inspiration for this somber soulful track titled “The Lesson After The L.” The track is ripe with smooth low tone keys and wobbly basslines over sparse drums. The progression is quite alluring as well.


Groove. – “Dream Life”


“Dream Life” by Groove is an infectious tune that caught our ears. From the lush ethereal strings and synths and pulsating basslines and snapping drums, the track sure draws us in full.
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Urban Implosion – “Stormy Tuesday”

Urban Implosion‘s “Stormy Tuesday” is a multi-layered somber beat ripe with lo-fi elements and R&B vibes. It is quite dynamic as well.


Heston Brioche – “Dial Up”


Producer Heston Brioche sends in this study beat titled “Dial-Up.” It is very soothing and mellow, the chops are seamless and the drums are punchy too. This is the first track from his Viewmode project. Released via Capacity Records.
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DaMarcus VanBuren – “Uncertain Ring”


DaMarcus VanBuren caught our attention with “Uncertain Ring” a cinematic piece that blends trap and cinematic vibes in a seamless manner. From the somber strings, punchy drums, and throbbing basslines, the producer sure delivers the goods.
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Canto – “Pace, Laurel Canyon”


Swedish hip-hop producer Canto makes his appearance on our list with his latest single titled “Pace, Laurel Canyon.” The beat is the sophomore single from his debut project Bonner Ave. The track has a smooth vocal sample, lush guitar passes, and punchy drum breaks that all culminate into a rousing head-nodding jam.
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Ogi feel the Beat – “Escape”

Ogi feel the Beat is always gifting us with weekly releases and this one titled “Escape” serves as a precursor to his forthcoming project. The track flips a known vocal sample and takes it into a whole different world with the punchy drums, pulsating basslines, and dramatic horns to match. His project It’s a Culture comes out on 21.3.2021
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mellow dive – “looking at a long gone summer snapshot”


“looking at a long gone summer snapshot” is a relaxing and somber beat by Mellow Dive who delivers a piece of summer to our ears. Over smooth textures, ethereal strings and revered horns, we get a sense of nostalgia on this one.


CLOUDWARMER – “Still Feral”

“Still Feral” is a jazz-infused cut from producer CLOUDWARMER . He flips samples from Marshall Applewhite and makes it his own. The track has a warm and nostalgic vibe. It’s quite dynamic and the switch up is solid, so much to
Cloudwarmer is Eddie Palmer and Brett Zehner.
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Socotra – “Slacks”


Socotra sends love and light on his new single “Slacks” the track has a smooth reflective dreamy layered over punchy drums. This is solid all the way.
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Eiji Nagamatsu – “F.C.C.” (feat. Jay)


Talented producer/instrumentalist Eiji Nagamatsu teams up with Jay for this new single titled “F.C.C.” The track is a rumbling display of layered sounds, breaks, and nostalgic jazz elements

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