We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top 10 Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts.
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Prodigal Sunn – Redeemed.

Wu-Tang affiliate and Sunz of Man member, Prodigal Sunn, delivers the title track of  his new album- “Redeemed.” The record feels like a rebirth of some sorts for the veteran emcee who shows his lyrical sword over the soulful backdrop courtesy of DJ B. Original. The visual follows the daily activities of Prodigal Sunn and shares a glimpse into his life even for a minute or two.  The 14 track LP can be purchased here.  Bennie “DJ B.Original” Williams of Sound Unity Entertainment produced and mixed the album. Guest features include Killah Priest on “Kings County,” G.O.D. Father Pt.3 on “One Way Out,” and XP the Marxman & Timbo King on “No Tears.”

“Redeemed,” is also the title of the first single.



J U S T Y – Try.


Joey BASE – Trapped Out The Trap House.

Sometimes a little bit of ruggedness will get the job done and UK based artist Joey Base delivers just that on his new song/video “Trapped Out The Trap House”. The title may be deceiving but the rapper takes some time to talk about leaving behind a certain lifestyle to focus on his blossoming music career. The video which was shot in a music studio helps show the new path he is currently treading. The track is produced by Amafist who produced Joey’s singles ‘Life Over Circumstances’ & ‘Streets Or A Lady’ the track was recorded at Metropolis Studios one of the best studios in London.





Rum·gold – Get Through (prod. James Chatburn)

Brooklyn based singer Rum•gold takes us on a soul-searching adventure on his new record “Get Through”. A surreal, soulful gem that really showcases the singer’s expressive vocal style and unique song writing. The song was actually produced by singer/producer James Chatburn who blends dreamy RnB textures, trumpets, and snappy drums to create a solid backdrop. This is definitely something worth checking out.




Sugi Dakks – Black Coffee.

Kyle Donald AKA Sugi Dakks shares with us his own unique take on funk, jazz, and experimental music styles. He embodies the wild, improvised feel of jazz and mixes it with some funky grooves and hip-hop swag.  The inspiration behind the song comes from his experience working in the food industry. It is an expressive release of what he would actually say to privileged customers if he were allowed to speak freely on the job. It was produced by ARIA nominated, Producer of the Year awarded Tony Buchen. Tony Buchen has worked with artist like Troye Sivan, Falls, Kid Confucius, Spookyland, and those alike. The multi-instrumentalist (bass, guitar, piano, flute, percussion) made the experience making the track incredible, especially during the tracking of the flute part





Dua Saleh – Warm Pants.

Emerging indie artist Dua Saleh’s “Warm pants” is a tune that displays fluidity in the artist’s musical style. It’s very off-kilter, somewhat minimalistic and engulfing as well. The track deals with self-representation and being confident regardless of what the world thinks. Their vocal style is warm, emotion-driven and fiery and sets them apart.

The single is taken from her newest EP titled “Nūr” – (pronounced “noor” – meaning “the light” in Arabic). Dua, who identifies as gender non-binary and goes by they/them pronouns, has arrived fully-formed on their first ever EP project titled “Nūr” – (pronounced “noor” – meaning “the light” in Arabic). They may have just decided to try songwriting, but they’ve spent their life working across divisions: borders, mediums, identities, and protest lines.




Wyatt James – Money Burned, Lesson Learned.

Wyatt James shares a personal story on his new track ‘Money Burned, Lesson Learned”. The mellow voice emcee gets really reflective and gives us a poignant piece to ponder on. The visual has a warm, solemn vibe as well which adds life to the song.




Obeah – Against the Grain.

The second single off Obeah’s “Life is but a Dream” album, Against the Grain, is inspired by rooted anger and disillusionment within society today. This track features Public Enemy’s Chuck D and is produced by electronic artist Mux Mool. His graphic lyrics will get your mind ticking as he doesn’t hold back the punches. Chuck D comes through on the chorus delivering a commanding hook. A refreshing voice in hip hop, Obeah is an MC whose stylings are a unique showcase of language and delivery. Hailing from Atlanta, his lyrical style is steeped in Southern culture with healthy doses of social commentary and soul delving introspection. Listen to Against the Grain on Spotify: Listen to Against the Grain on iTunes




7¢ HERM – Horizon.





New Orleans, Louisiana based rapper 7¢ HERM delivers a lyric dense jam for the list titled “Horizon”. He takes the listener deep into his off-kilter train of thought with wild descriptions of situations, emotions and then some over  a mellow, vintage beat.

His rapping career began in 2014 under the moniker “Hermi7 Khalfani”. As Hermi7 Khalfani, 7¢ HERM released his debut LP, “Deaf + Blind” with his local rap collective, 7ARC ( 7¢ HERM, CashMoneyChip & in-house producer SUMO), to some regional success. Soon after it’s release, 7¢ HERM took a 3-year hiatus from music to focus on personal growth; however, he began to release promotional singles via SoundCloud & BandCamp again in late-2016.

In Early 2017 (after a stage name change) the hermit dropped singles “7 Feet Below” & “Zimmer’s” leading up to June of 2017, when 7¢ HERM released his latest EP, “Granny’s 7th Boy” available on all streaming platforms (Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify…etc). The EP was met with positive reviews and much regional success, even garnering attention from national publications such as The Source & Dead End Hip-Hop. Following the success of the EP, 7¢ HERM released videos for “7 Feet Below” featuring New Orleans-based rap group, MadeGROCERIES & “Zimmer’s” featuring 7ARC rapper, CashMoneyChip.




Ámani – medication.

Los Angeles based R&B songstress Ámani makes a grand entrance on our top 10 with her new song “medication”. The vibrant love-laden track shows the singer’s expressive vocals and engaging vocal performance over the vibrant backdrop. On the song, she completely surrenders to her feelings without holding back.

“medication” is taken from her new EP TBH. The project aims to showcase a combination of alluring vocals, unapologetic lyrics and well-balanced production, the project serves as a deeper dive into an artist well-worth watching in 2019. Speaking on the release, Ámani states: “A lot can change, transform, evolve, and grow within a year; I have. My surroundings have. My relationships have. My perspective on life.



CHEVALIEN  is the newest music project fronted by drummer/multi-instrumentalist who is going against the grain with his thought-provoking music. The visual for his new track “Bleu, Blanc, Blood” speaks of the recent unrest happening in France. Over a dark, laid-back soundscape, he gives a chilling tale of his struggles and challenges. The visual brings the song to life with its graphic images of the current French insurrectional climate using both exclusive and original footage.




Drillminister – Brexit

UK emcee Drillminister shares his scathing opinion regarding the Brexit fiasco on his new song “Brexit”. Over a vibrant drill soundscape, he breaks down the basics for the streets with his latest attack on the shambolic UK government. ‘Brexit’ not only touches on the troubled state the UK Economy but also aims to encourage young Britain to become educated through doing the #BrexitChallenge in association with Linkup TV on Instagram and socials.

As the UK Government bans and removes Drill music videos online, the Drillminister incorporates violent language used by current and former MPs in his music to highlight the hypocrisy shown against the genre’s artists – demonstrating that they (politicians) use violence, threats and bullying as much as Drill rappers and young talents but with the aim to ban and blame Drill for the actions of the nation’s youth.


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