Berlin-based Australian songwriter, vocalist/producer James Chatburn is back with a new single entitled “Ok Ok (Be A Man)” which serves as the title track for his upcoming sophomore album. The piano-driven track sees him in deep reflection as he goes through self-analysis of his own masculinity and the changing emotions as time progresses. Chatburn’s vocals take precedence over the mellow sublime backdrop as his vocal runs rise to a plateau as the track progresses.



Chatburn settled in Berlin in 2015 and began carving out a niche in the world of independent music. Having first made a name for himself in the modern soul scene, he honed and matured his sound to encompass a fresh direction, embracing psychedelia and nostalgia into his songwriting and production. He has since become renowned for his soulful, heartfelt voice, world-class production talent and collaborations with Jordan RakeiRum.GoldNoah SleeSedric PerryHilltop Hoods and more.

Stream “Ok Ok (Be A Man)” on all DSPs here.


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