It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Kicktracks – “Set Me Free”


Kicktracks set it off on a smooth soulful note with his new track titled “Set Me Free”. The producer blends excellent chops and classic boom-bap styled drums and hits the spot. Check it out.

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coldbrew – “New Heights”

Coldbrew is back with a solid one titled “New Heights”. A piano-driven solemn piece that really hits the soul with its ethereal and introspective aura. Well crafted and gripping all the way.

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Standub – “Real Abstract.”

Russian DJ/producer who goes by the moniker Standub makes his way on our list with his unique brand of instrumental. He calls this one “Real Abstract” and it’s pretty vibrant and eclectic as the producer blends a nice mellow jazz horn, funk elements and brooding textures to make a pretty off-kilter piece. “Real Abstract” is taken from his new EP Smokey Tape which he says “intertwines pictures from the past and fantasies about the future.

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Rocamar – “MEMORIES”

Rocamar makes his debut on our list with an introspective beat titled “MEMORIES”. He keeps the drums banging and the soft keys make for a perfect nostalgia-inducing vibe

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King Cash Beatz – “Dim Sum”

King Cash Beatz taps into the Japanese spirit on his new track “Dim Sum”. Although the dish is a Chinese dish, the producer delivers some solid vibes with its organic textures and hard-hitting trap drums to match.

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Rocamar – “Speakeasy”

Rocamar pops up again with a gem titled “Speakeasy”. Just like the title suggests, the beat has a nice easy flowing vibe with its mellow keys and rumbling drums to match. Hit the play button and get familiar.

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Sam Rich – “Morning Tea”

Brooklyn based producer Sam Rich makes his debut on our list with something soulful and heartwarming. Aptly titled “Morning Tea”, Rich takes a smooth mellow piano riff and adds some ethereal textures and summery sounds to give it that nostalgic effect. Check it out here.



Chamon – “Namaste”

Chamon keeps the peace on a sonic level as he delivers it on his new beat titled “Namaste”. The track has a nice solemn vibe to it and doesn’t try to overpower the ears. Very soothing and calming to say the least.
He explains that “Namaste” was made for a sample challenge (The producer corner facebook page).
He released his debut album in 2012 “Crystal Magic” ( Only available at Bandcamp )

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Zak – “soul”

Zak shares his unique style of chops on his new beat titled “Soul”. He keeps it smooth and easy with a classic flip of a vocal sample over laid back drums to match. Hit the play button and vibe to it.



JVX Prod. – “Killa Killa (Dipset Type Instrumental)”

Straight out of Detroit comes the production team known as JVX Prod. On their new release “Killa Killa (Dipset Type Instrumental)”, they craft an anthemic piece that pays homage to the legend of Killa Cam aka Cam’ron of Dipset. The piece is a brass-heavy and hard-hitting beat. Check it out. JVX Prod. is made up of J X, two brothers, Joshua & Jonathan Parker (Vader on da Beat).




TD Cruze – “Unexpected Like Mark Byers Face Turn”


“Unexpected Like Mark Byers Face Turn” is the newest single by talented producer TD Cruze. The track is a potpourri of sounds and clips inspired by the Detroit 80’s techno scene as well as the Paradise Lost documentary series. The listener is treated to a blend of smooth bassline riffs and obscure vocal samples that weave into each other like a complex spider webbing.
“Unexpected Like Mark Byers Face Turn” is taken from his new project Posthumous Collection Volume 1 EP.

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