We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Pga Lo-fi – “Blue Sky”

Pga Lo-fi takes us to the comfort zone in his latest release “Blue Sky” which is built on a soothing guitar arrangement and lush mellow keys. Overall the track has a sublime and nostalgic feel and makes for great listening when one is fully relaxed.


Sherlock Bones – “Lanterns”

Sherlock Bones introduces us to “Lanterns”, a mellow jazz-infused track made up of dusty textures, retro-tinged guitar licks, warm vinyl aesthetics and crunchy analog drums to boot.





HoodyBoi – “High on Love”

HoodyBoi makes us “High on Love” with this soulful and atmospheric piece. The production is particularly enthralling and the blend of jazz-hop, soul and lofi sounds are perfect.

Halfspeed – “Backwards”.

“Backwards” is a guitar-driven collaboration between Halfspeed and Housplant. Both producers add their magical touch as they layer soothing guitar plucks, solemn pads and sublime basslines and grooves. This is perfect for great R&B vocals.



Jetfueljayy – “can’t sleep”

Jetfueljayy‘s “can’t sleep” is a sublime and warm piece that is made up of lush pads and soft drum grooves with a comforting sound design. From the heavenly horns, birds chirping sounds and mellow strings, the track is as engaging as they come.



EisZ – “Kiss the sky”

French producer EisZ makes his way back to our playlist with his newest tune “Kiss the sky”, a sublime guitar-driven piece that transports listeners back to their comfort zone. I love the smooth textures and airy horns used in there too.



Lejkeys – “Brought You a Sandwich”

Lejkeys thrills us with “Brought You a Sandwich”, a smooth piano-laden piece with a vinyl and analog aesthetic. It’s both warm, soothing and relaxing all at once.




Widen Island – “Through The Mangroves”

Widen Island, Kodus and Cammie bring their latest effort titled “Through The Mangroves” to our doorstep. The solemn tune is anchored by an atmospheric pad, layered guitar plucks and subtle sound design to complete the job.



Neogenbu -” soul labyrinth”

Neogenbu‘s “soul labyrinth” is the quintessential lofi soundtrack that helps one reflect over evening drinks at the bar. The pads and subtle sound design are well crafted and the added electric guitar adds an airy depth to the track.


Angry Apple – “Night Swim”

Angry Apple and TheMusicalcurrent take us for a  “Night Swim” in this wonderful collaboration. The flutes, pulsating basslines and moody textures all work perfectly together and the rich guitar plucks is a solid accompainment.


saikai – “while we’re awake”

saikai shares “while we’re awake”, a mellow melancholic beat made up of solemn guitar plucks and a sublime swelling pad with soft percussions. The progression is quite subtle and slowly takes the listeners deep into an emotional realm that is comforting.

KickTracks – “Karasu”.


There is something about KickTracks‘ newest release “Karasu” which evokes nostalgia and reflection. The use of airy synths, reverbed guitar plucks and ethereal choral vocals all join perfectly together



maeshu – “break it”

maeshu sure knows a thing or two about sadness as he drops “break it”. A chilled beat made up of rich guitar plucks, solemn vocal synths, warm pads and soft drum grooves.


KAMi – “May June Prosper”.

KAMi gifts us with this mellow summer-infused track titled “May June Prosper”. The producer sure knows the assignment and delivers a mixed bag of sounds that rise from chilled to rousing sections ripe with rich textures, solemn keys and punchy drums.


Johan Wave – “Dance With Me”

Johan Wave’s “Dance With Me” is a mid-tempo track that takes elements from jazz, lofi and chill hop. The prominent use of horns, warm textures and changing drum grooves is quite brilliant and the resulting dynamism sure is enthralling from start to finish.


Chillin Cat – “Starry Night”


“Starry Night” is the newest release from Japanese producer Chillin Cat. He makes use of sublime and ethereal pads and textures to create a dreamy and somewhat airy aesthetic. The use of sparse drums and slow progressions sure makes it engaging as well.

Thursdayevening – “Phenomenon”

Netherlands based Thursdayevening and BRG Beats team up for “Phenomenon”, a smooth jazz-infused piece that exudes solemness and nostalgia. The keys are moody and the slow build up help break any form of monotony.


Mike’s Wilson – “RosesHaveThorns”

Columbus, Ohio.-based, West Virginia-born instrumentalist Mike’s Wilson delivers “RosesHaveThorns” to our playlist. The track is as lively as they come and is ripe with punchy drums, layered horns and lush textures to boot. The subtle groove changes and use of cinematic arrangement sure make this a delight.





kBeats x Icy Wavs – “Summernightz”


“Summernightz” is an aptly titled track from kBeats and Icy Wavs who both deliver the goods. The track is reflective to the core and the blend of mellow piano riffs, lush textures and layered sound design all come together like 5 and 6.


Tjay Suni – “Slow Days With You”

It is always great getting new material from Tjay Suni and on his new release “Slow Days With You”, he doesn’t disappoint. The guitar progression is sublime and electrifying while the sublime textures all help accentuate the summer vibe.


lateve – “golden hour”.

British producer lateve invites us to the “golden hour” in is newest release. The track has a neat bounce and sublime mellow guitar pluck that is also choppy. The use of airy horns and sultry choral-like vocals sure adds an ethereal depth to it.


Loockey (feat. Selumiana) – “a moment with you”


Loockey and Selumiana team up for “a moment with you”, a chilled and nostalgia-inducing beat that is smooth as butter. The sad guitar riffs really blend with the soothing pads and soft grooves.


NNIK – “apple cider”


NNIK serves us some audio “apple cider” which makes for an excellent beat to study with. It’s relaxing, soft and smooth all at once. Love how the instruments are fused together.


strewing – “Rapt”

strewing‘s “Rapt” is a soulful and melancholic piece that is made up of moody piano riffs, mellow guitar plucks and an overall soothing texture. The use of vocal melodies is dope as well and adds an atmospheric touch to it.


Ludwig del Pino – “Soothing view”

Ludwig del Pino returns to our list with “Soothing view”, a chilled acoustic guitar-driven piece ripe with warm Rhodes-like tones and sparse drums. It’s strength comes from its simple arrangement and that can’t be understated.



ojalvo – “kranes”

South Korean producer ojalvo caught our ears with his latest output titled “kranes”. The production has hints of jazz, lofi soul and smooth neo-soul bounce that is perfect for a singer to belt some melodic runs over.


Lejkeys – “Just a Little Further”


Lejkeys brings us a bit of soulful closure with “Just a Little Further”, a chilled piano-driven piece that is hard to box in. There are elements of lofi, chill-hop and droplets of pop. Overall it is quite engaging and also offers a nostalgic feeling as well.


CaliCronk – “Haziness”


CaliCronk makes a solid one in the form of this new beat titled “Haziness”. The use of rich guitar riffs and soothing textures sure work perfectly and the laidback drum grooves are well-crafted as well.


AG Flux – “Vernal”


AG Flux‘s “Vernal” help close out this week’s list. The track has an ominous and reflective aesthetic with its melancholic piano riffs and moody pads laced over punchy drums. It’s somewhat cinematic as well.

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