We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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coldbrew – “Because of you”

Eclectic lofi producer coldbrew help kick off the playlist with “Because of you”, a sombre and reflective tune made up of rich piano riffs, soft jaz horn passes, sublime pads and slick guitar plucks underpinned by laidback grooves and a smooth vocal sample on the chorus section.


Kiko de Gallo – “Metropolis”

Kansas City-based Spanish producer Kiko de Gallo appears on the list with “Metropolis”, a scenic and dynamic beat made up of crisp synths and sublime textures underpinned by punchy drums.



nanø – “Isekai”.

nanø‘s “Isekai” is a melancholic and dreamy soundscape that will surely touch the soul with its rich and soulful textures. The keys, warm pad and slick guitars work perfectly together.




Mindless Meditation – “Mansion By The Beach”

Mindless Meditation‘s “Mansion By The Beach” is a summer-tinged jazz-infused soul tune ripe with rich and warm keys and a prominent sax that adds that extra depth into the mix.



Sad Saint – “Love Eternal”.

Sad Saint presents us with something to work with his new release “Love Eternal”. The track is atmospheric, ethereal and warm. The guitars are slick and the slow progression alongside the moody strings come together seamlessly.





Steve Nguyen – “Rabbit Hole (ultmt. Remix)”.

Steve Nguyen returns to our playlist with “Rabbit Hole (ultmt. Remix)”, a bouncy and sombre tune with thick drums, slick textures and a bassline that pulsates throughout the track. Overall, it’s nostalgia-inducing aesthetic is undeniable.




coloursands – “Guided by Your Light”


Rising producer coloursands show us what it feels like when you’re “Guided by Your Light”. The production has an ethereal and relaxing vibe that aims to soothe our souls.



Zeratoma – “Slumber”


UK-based lofi producer  Zeratoma knows a thing or two about “Slumber” as he embodies the feeling in his latest output. He blends rich bass guitar plucks with electric guitar riffs underpinned by summer-tinged pads and textures that exude the feeling of relaxation.



Satellite Citi – “Trouble Flower (Lofi Alumni Remix) “


Satellite Citi makes his entry on our playlist with “Trouble Flower (Lofi Alumni Remix) “, a soulful and dreamy piece that is made up of bright keys, sombre strings and subtle alluring sound design with hushed grooves. Overall, the track is comforting and relaxing.







Injustice – “Autumn Walking”.

Injustice, Lifted LoFi and Patiotic Records team up for “Autumn Walking,” a soothing and warm piece that captures the core essence of the title. The guitars are rich, and soulful and the counter melodies all play into each other perfectly.





TJ Guardino – “SPRINKLES”.


TJ Guardino dazzles our earbuds with some “SPRINKLES” of joy with his latest effort. The lofi/soul/hiphop fusion is rich in warm textures, slick guitar plucks and a solid groove to boot.




Lofi Milk – “Slow and Steady” (feat. Maho Fukami)

Lofi Milk and Maho Fukami team up for “Slow and Steady”, a sublime and soulful piece that is nostalgic and heartwarming as well.


NumNums – “Paddlewood”

NumNums‘ “Paddlewood” is as sombre as they come and it’s ripe with soulful textures and sublime keys to match.





Dokkemand x Jelum – “My guppy”

Dokkemand and Jelum deliver “My guppy”, a laidback track that has bright pop and contemporary aesthetics. It sounds like the closing theme for a TV show as well and it’s pretty engaging.




GlobulDub – “Late Night Tales”

GlobulDub prepares some “Late Night Tales” for us to revel in with this new release. The track has a melancholic and introspective vibe that taps into the evening conceptual title.




Mr. Freed – “Right Away”

Mr. Freed knows the right audio medicine for our playlist as he administers “Right Away”, a smooth retro lofi-jazz/boombap jam ripe with layered sample chops. The bassline is quite steady and fits with the changing soulful textures that build as the track goes along.


nz – “better now”.

Rising producer nz tempers out soul with “better now”, a soothing piano-driven track that exudes bright summer vibes and an overall comforting vibe.





Wabisabi – “Drifting”

Wabisabi takes us “Drifting” with his latest effort. The record is made up of airy vocal hums, melodies, soft grooves and an overall chilling aesthetic akin to the night breeze.




Milesun – “Just Another Day”

Milesun delivers a solid lofi-boom bap jam “Just Another Day” which fits the bill perfectly. The horns play along with the airy vocal samples, flutes and soft head nodding drums and the result is solid from start to finish.




Jetfueljayy – “Tie Dye Sunrise”


Jetfueljayy and E20 Trio join forces to bring us “Tie Dye Sunrise”, a chilled and solemn piece that aims to take listeners to a warm, comforting place.



Tjay Suni x JYFL – “Letting Go”

Tjay Suni and JYFL team up for “Letting Go”, a soulful guitar-laden beat that exudes pure nostalgia and a somewhat lovelorn feeling.




MY7O – “To The Stars”

“To The Stars” is a reflective instrumental brought to us by MY7O who makes his debut appearance on our site. The piano progression is fluid and the overall joyful aesthetics is bolstered by the underlining pads, subtle sound effects and dynamic arrangement.



Sleep Powder – “falling”

Sleep Powder switches the mood of the playlist with this cinematic piece titled “falling”. The sombreness and subtle moody textures are punctuated by the crunchy drum groove as well.




Fungie – “Pumpkin Spice”

Fungie drops some “Pumpkin Spice” on our playlist and we love it. The airy texture, sombre guitar plucks and sparse drum arrangement all come together like white on rice.




Matt Wilde – “Nostalgia”

Matt Wilde gives us a bit of “Nostalgia” in his newest release. The piano arrangement is fluid, and progressive and gives the mellow soundscape a distinct brightness that is hopeful and joyous from start to finish.




Siren – “it’s a rainy day while you lookafter our store.”

Siren‘s latest release titled “it’s a rainy day while you lookafter our store” is a mouthful but the track itself is relaxing, calm and well-crafted. The fusion of rich chords, sound design and soft grooves is perfect and sets the mod right for that reflective rainy evening.




Thomas Tempest – “106 Miles”

Thomas Tempest brings us something warm and relaxing in his new single titled “106 Miles”. The smooth blend of jazzy chords, summer-inducing pads and soft drum grooves is a welcome addition to our playlist.




Srge_ – “Conclusion”


“Conclusion” is a dark brooding soundscape provided by producer Srge_ who helped close out this week’s list. The track is ominous and has sparse drum grooves underpinned by moody pads, thick basslines and a cinematic texture to match.

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