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Mista Ed – “Step up to the Plate”

New Zealand-based UK producer Mista Ed implores us to “Step up to the Plate”  with his latest effort. The mellow boom-bap tune is ripe with rich soulful keys, warm sombre pads and airy horns layered over the crunchy drum break. He also showcases his superb turntablism as he scratches in a handful of vocal samples to close the deal.



The Blanket Forts – “Break Tradition.”

The Blanket Forts stray from the norm with “Break Tradition.” The epic track is as dynamic as they come and meshes edgy Drum breaks and dark and moody sound textures with rock-guitar aesthetics and splashes of Eastern exotic vibes. There is so much to unpack on it.


88FULLY – “Villain”

88FULLY comes in with the energy of the proverbial “Villain” in his newest release. The track is ripe with thick basslines, snapping drill drum grooves and a haunting vocal sample that permeates the track from start to finish.


soulnap – “midnight waves”


soulnap fires up our emotions with “midnight waves”, a sombre and somewhat introspective piece that is made up of solemn keys rain drop sound effects and an engulfing texture to complete the mission.



StanSmithOnDaTrack – “Paradise”

StanSmithOnDaTrack gives us a taste of “Paradise” in his latest effort. The track is a slow burner with soul-stirring textures layered over lush keys and a hushed drum groove to match. It sure lives up to its title.




UNCLE CHESTNUTS x 4410 – “Be Satisfied”

UNCLE CHESTNUTS and 4410 team up for “Be Satisfied”, a sublime piece made up of rich and bubbly synth-basslines, solemn pads and a rousing drum groove to boot. The overall vibe is soothing and relaxing as well.



Ogi feel the Beat – “Funky Town BeatSmith”

Ogi feel the Beat is the original “Funky Town BeatSmith” in his latest release. The track is a mellow burner that starts off with a warm piano chord, and slick textures and slowly blossoms into a jaZz/lofi piece with head-nodding drums and atmospheric textures to boot. “Funky Town BeatSmith” is part of a beat tape called Throw the Life, which was released last month




Astronomers of the Strange – “Directions to a Dreamworld”

Astronomers of the Strange sends us “Directions to a Dreamworld” in his newest effort. The track is rich in sublime synths, a pulsating bassline that drives the main groove and a pop-inspired lead to boot. It sure lives up to its title.


coldbrew – “I Wish Every Day Felt Like This”

coldbrew brings us some joyful vibes in his latest offering titled “I Wish Every Day Felt Like This”. I must add that the record is the most blissful sound you would hear as it embodies the spirit of summer and its warm calmness that allows one to enjoy the small things in life that bring nothing but pure hope.

Flapjaques x QuickNap – “new gate”

Flapjaques and QuickNap‘s collaborative release titled “new gate” is an atmospheric piece that transports listenrs to a lam and peaceful setting far from the madding crowd. The use of surreal synth pads, and lush chords that give ethereal and dreamy vibes makes it engaging from start to finish.



Dawson Meier – “orange skies”

Dawson Meier drops this blissful tune titled “orange skies” on our list and it hits the mark. The soft keys, engulfing textures and rich guitar licks all combine to give us that much-needed reflective vibe.



Chill4est – “Rain On”

Chill4est’s “Rain On” is a moody and sombre track that is made up of bright and airy pads, rich guitar riffs and soft drum grooves to match. The overall feeling is similar to being at home with the rain pouring outside.



Sossego – “Folhas”

Sossego brings us his latest effort “Folhas” under the aegis of Lifted LoFi and Patiotic Records. The jazz-lofi cut has a warm and nostalgia-inducing feeling and its layered instrumentation makes it distinct and engaging.



Kumegano – “where the lights divide”

German producer Kumegano makes his entry on our playlist with “where the lights divide”, a cinematic piece made up of solemn piano riffs, and melancholic pads with soul-stirring sound design techniques.



HariboY – “Dinner For Two”

HariboY invites us for a “Dinner For Two” with this soulful track that is warm, relaxing and somewhat moody. The drums are punchy and the dusty textures blend with the rich keys perfectly.



oxinym – “Long White Cloud”

oxinym brings us some warmth with this guitar-driven piece titled “Long White Cloud”. The track is soothing and atmospheric and it’s main attractive feature is the soul-stirring vibe.



stybander – “Radiant Sky”

stybander‘s “Radiant Sky” is a rich and sublime guitar-laden track bolstered by atmospheric pads and heavenly vocal runs that blend perfectly with the soft textures and hushed drum grooves.




smplsmth – “Old Playgrounds”


smplsmth makes his first appearance on our list with his newest effort titled “Old Playgrounds”. The mid-tempo track is ripe with punchy drums, bright chords and dreamy textures laced with pulsating basslines.



Fla.andrei – “Fireflies”


Fla.andrei brings us something special in the form of his latest single “Fireflies”. The track has an atmospheric aesthetic and it is ripe with rich guitar plucks and sublime synths and sparse drum grooves. The ambient is reminiscent of the aura of a forest filled with a thousand fireflies.



mellomoon – “Hazel Tree”

mellomoon soothes our earbuds with the freshness of the “Hazel Tree”. The track is as solemn and inviting as the summer breeze.

Mildred – “Drifting Off”.

Mildred got us “Drifting Off” with this solid effort which is composed of atmospheric and ethereal tetxures. The keys build up slowly and the pads are soul-stirring as well.

Fallen Roses – “loving”

Fallen Roses‘ latest release “loving” is a laidback and sombre piece made up of solemn pads, sublime textures and soft drums with pulsating bass guitar licks that exude a sentimental vibe.

Just Derrick – “road to damascus”

British producer Just Derrick takes us on the “road to damascus” in his newest venture. He makes use of soulful horns and dreamy key progression with a modern contemporary aesthetic to boot.

Cuezy. x MRToon – “Reconnect”


Cuezy. and MRToon make us “Reconnect” in this soulful and reflective effort. The layered arrangement and timbre of instrumentation is rich, soul-stirring and well-crafted.

Sarent – “rainy jazz”

Turkish producer Sarent delivers this smooth piece titled “rainy jazz”. He employs moody and dusty jazz horn passes with warm pulsating basslines over soft drum breaks and the result is a nostalgic piece that lovers of the genre can relate to.

Lofi Milk – “Lost in Thought” (feat. Maho Fukami)

Japanese producer Lofi Milk teams up with Maho Fukami for this soulful collaboration titled “Lost in Thought”. The lofi-soul tune has the quintessential study beat element and is well-crafted from start to finish.

leen one – “late sunset”

“late sunset” by leen one is an aptly titled track that is ripe with lush and sublime vibes with dreamy keys and rich guitar plucks underpinned by hushed drums.

Mase – “One Night Only (Instrumental)”

“One Night Only (Instrumental)” is an eclectic beat from producer Mase who carves up a soul-stirring piece ripe with warm and relaxing textures layered over solid drum grooves.

Mo Stacks – “LoFidelity”

Swedish producer Mo Stacks help us close out this week’s list with “LoFidelity”. A chilled and soulful piece ripe with warm keys and dreamy pads with solid drum grooves and some edgy vocal scratches on the wheels of steel.

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