It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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ALM – Soul Wobbling.

Montpellier, France based producer ALM (real names Adrien Lammoglia ) helps kick off the very first Top 10 instrumental list for 2019 with a resounding track. He calls it “Soul Wobbling” and you may not get the gist till you listen deep. He crafts a mid-tempo groove laced with a high pitched vocal sample and flips it with smooth synths to complete the job. He also doubles as a mastering engineer and opened a dedicated studio in 2014 in the city of Tours.

Stream & Download ➜  HERE




DJ RAY BLK – Pimp Talk.


DJ Ray Blk shares some soulful gem with us in the form of his beat titled “Pimp Talk”. He flips an old school sample against a groovy drum arrangement. Minimalistic but very effective to be honest.

“Pimp Talk” is off his beat tape 36ave and is a demonstration of RAY BLK’s respect for Jazzy Hip-Hop

 Watch the making of Pimp On DJ RAY BLK’s below.


E Dot – What Did I do.


E Dot once again shows us how he gets down on the boards with this ear-grabbing beat he calls “What Did I Do”. He takes a smooth vocal sample and flips it in his own unique manner that evokes a solemn, reflective emotion in the listener.


Jelee – Yesterday’s Art

Emerging beat maker Jelee makes his mark with this mellow jazz-influenced beat he calls “Yesterday’s Art”.  The Amsterdam based producer delivers a nostalgia-inducing record combining old school sampling from vinyl and modern production techniques. On the B-side he has “Paraluna” which is a more modern track with a lot more progression and is more synth driven. What the two tracks share are a clear Hip-Hop influence and a jazzy feel.





Young Citrus – Sleeping In

Young Citrus‘s newest work titled “Sleeping In” has a summery feel to it. Blending smooth keys, rich guitar plucks and a solid drum arrangement, the track evokes a laid back feel from start to finish.

This track is the first track of a 2 song EP set to release early February. Find him on Facebook.



Very Yes – Ten Ate.

Very Yes aka Aaron Jaques (one half of Bronze Whale) drops his newest single “Ten Ate”. He plays with rich textures, vocal samples, pulsing pianos, and mallets, along with highly groovy drums, to create an experience that is somehow calming, yet energizing with every passing note.

Very Yes, is a new player to the field, but that doesn’t mean that he is new to music. The man behind it all has been working for years on his craft, whether that be drumming, producing under his duo project, or creating beats for the pure enjoyment of self-expression. His sound aims to bring the emotions from past experiences along with the soul from older music to create an experience some might compare to Odesza, that has then been infused with stylings from 90s hip hop/RnB.

Streamlink found HERE



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