It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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FULKOST – Favourite Things

Coventry, UK based producer FULKOST sets it off with his beat “Favorite Things”. A lo-fi soundscape that sounds like nothing we have heard in a minute. The layered sounds feel like altered piano riffs and quirky sounds that are offbeat but soothing as well.





E Dot – Stop Signs.

Our favorite beat maker E Dot makes another solid appearance with this vibrant beat titled “Stop Signs”. he uses a classic break beat laced with a gripping vocal sample against a cinematic string accompaniment. Solid stuff from start to finish. As usual he throws in some obscure vocal sampls towards the tail end of the beat to spice things up.



Surreal – Lunar Lullaby.

Surreal comes through with his 3rd instrumental single “Lunar Lullaby”. Like his moniker, the beat is quite surreal and flows with a soothing, dreamy energy which the producer says is a celebration of the female form. This is some interesting stuff for real.


nottr – Serioso.


Nottr shows up with some gritty stuff he calls “Serioso”. He keeps it pretty minimal here with a dark string sample and a vocal snippet that runs through the beat. To give credit to whom kits due, Nottr says the samples are from Scott Walker.



Alex Meltzer – Stereophone.

Instrumentalist Alex Meltzer gives us a head banging beat titled “Stereophone” which is taken from his full-length project “boxed Thoughts”. The project is Meltzer’s first solo project and the titled was inspired by the fact that most of the records were made without the aid of a computer, using hardware samplers and synths.


Get it on bandcamp and iTunes.





Producer Big O is not new to TWIB and its a pleasure hearing his solo work on here. His beat”MY PLACE iN THiS WORLD” s a soul-drenched jam that is soothing and engaging. You can definitely hear a lot of Jay Dee-isms in the style on this one too which is not a bad thing at all. “MY PLACE iN THiS WORLD” is the first single off of the sophomore album “iNSTABiLiTY” by London-based, American producer Big O. This song is a chopped up soulful sample-based instrumental that allows the listeners to know exactly what the composer needs in order to find his place in this cold world.

“iNSTABiLiTY” will be available on all streaming platforms on Oct. 5th. Preorder it on iTunes.




TORANPETTO – Satellite.

Farnell Newton aka Toranpetto debuts his material on the Top 10 list with a majestic tune titled “Satellite”. He blends hip-hop, jazz and neo-soul vibes on this one. He also makes use of his trumpet skills to add that live feel to it all. When he is not teaching or working with youth, he is touring, recording, and has performed with sax man Mike Phillips, Jill Scott, Bootsy Collins, Liv Warfield, BET/CENTRIC Soul Train Award All-Star Band and more.



Bertholet & Sebastian Kamae – You’re Welcome.

The duo of Bertholet & Sebastian Kamae shows us just how a summery Sunday afternoon can be on their collaboration single titled “You’re welcome”. The Dutch producers deliver a mellow, lo-fi/jazzy jam that makes you want to go outside and smell the fresh outdoors.



iamalex – Tell Me.



Producer iamalex sets the mood right for all couples out there on his new instrumental single titled “Tell Me”. A vibrant, RnB laced head nodder samples a soulful vocal over a solid drum groove. Solid from start to finish.

“Tell Me” is the first single from the new iamalex EP


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