It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Morti Viventear – Chimere

Montréal-based producer Morti Viventear set things off on the Top 10 instrumental submissions with his Greek mythology inspired cut titled “Chimere”. He layers a mellow, reflective texture that also exudes a lo-fi vibe. He keeps it pretty surreal too and doesn’t overburden the listeners with extensive switch ups and then some.

Chimere is Morti Viventear’s second single from his upcoming LP ‘Sleep Deprived Pessimist’ (Nautilus Edition /2019 Remixed & Remastered).



Big O – My Complicated Life.

Big O‘s “Complicated life” is quite the opposite when you hit the play button. The sounds he employs here have a summery vibe to it with a lot of bounce to match. As usual smooth stuff.



DefByMisadventure – bin man/ black flowers.

DefByMisadventure gifts us with a double feature with the release of 2 instrumental gems “bin man/blackflowers”. “Bin man” is pretty rousing with its repeating stabs and JB vocal samples while “black flowers” takes elements from a classic dub record.

Both beats are from the new album, Def Shepherd




Gemini Jam – QUARTZ.

Gemini Jam is a jazz and retro soul project from London producer MEDIATRIX and his new release “Quartz” really caught our ears. He blends a wide variety of sounds on this tune from jazz, hip-hop and lounge music.  The mellow bassline serves as the perfect foundation as the lush keys rise and vanish to give way to reflective horns and synths and a myriad of vocal samples. There is so much to unpack to be honest and it’s best to hit the play button and feel the vibe.



Edgar Cards – Too Many Dying (feat. Noise Witch).


Southern California based producer Edgar Cards new record “Too Many Dying” aims to tap into the inner feelings of the listener with its reflective vibes. The song is actually about war and the deaths of innocent civilians and was co-produced with Noise Witch.

“Too Many Dying” was taken from his album “Death of a pacifist



TADASHI – Bloom.

TADASHI once again delivers on his new instrumental titled “Bloom”. He crafts a soothing record that draws energy into the soul with its alluring textures and ethereal vibes. Get the song on Spotify.




Bells and Robes – Bed Of Rings.

 Atlanta based duo Bells and Robes help close things out with the perfect record. Titled “Bed Of Rings”, the record blends the worlds of bossa, synthwave and chill trap. Sounds pretty quirky on paper but the aural experience is as good as it gets. It is very surreal, dreamy and ultimately puts the listener in a state of bliss.  Combining lush synth work reminiscent of Flume, organic textures and percussion a la Bonobo, and a flair for abstract styles like Flying Lotus – the duo has created a sound that seeks to stay in tune with the continual merging of technology, nature, and humanity.




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