Uprising rapper THT Cyrus recently released his new project Mama’s Boy EP, a 4 track body of work dedicated to his mother who recently passed away. The project is quite revealing and gives listeners an insight into THT Cyrus’ life and upbringing.
The EP starts off with “Mama’s Boy Intro” which really sets the tone with its nostalgic and soulful aesthetic. The use of the Mary J Blige sample really ramps up the emotional element and THT Cyrus’s vivid storytelling. He takes us back to his not-so-glamorous childhood and his mother’s struggles while raising him. THT delivers a paced performance with candid lyrics such as  best know, I tell my son about you/You’re the reason I lived and let him know you’re the reason he did”, which shows how much positive influence his mother had on him. This is followed by “Yes”, a church organ-driven track that celebrates the journey thus far. THT Cyrus details the day-to-day hustle and the never-ending grind he put in to realize his goals. Lines like “All my potential is instrumental/ That is beat to the punchline/Hungry to make it and move into clutch/Everyday was crunch time” helps summarize his work ethic and never-say-die spirit. He is joined by Shaun Flaco who adds his own 2 cents to the track with a smooth melodic performance.

“From The Top” is a sad and contemplative tune that further digs deep into THT Cyrus’ humble beginnings as a Cali baby whose immediate environment shaped him. From losing his father at an early age and falling into the wrong crowd his mother struggles with having to deal with his own demons and hoping he changes sooner than later. Here THT Cyrus shows gratitude for his mother believing in him and also for the ups and downs that afforded him the opportunity to find himself. Vocalist R. Shade helps out on the chorus with an uplifting hook. The final track “Heal” is the perfect way to wrap up this emotionally powerful project. Over a solemn and melancholic piano-driven soundscape, THT Cyrus shares a soul-stirring tale of his young self and how it parallels his father in some ways. Far from demonizing his father, THT acknowledges his flaws and his own shortcomings and determined not to repeat the same mistakes opts to take another route in his life.


With  4 tracks and a running time of  14 minutes and 50 seconds, Mama’s Boy EP is succinct but dense as THT Cyrus was able to dive into just the necessary topics needed to bring listeners closer to his life. The topics are intimate, revealing, soul-stirring and uplifting all at once and overall this project is cohesive and well-crafted.

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