Flemish artist Phlocalyst is a man of many talents. From blending classical music with modern musical styles and alternating between playing with a Munich-based orchestra and being a lofi producer/trumpeter, the man has found a way to chase his dreams on his own accord. His latest project titled Page Break is the follow-up to his previous project Insights, and it’s a 7 track body of work that truly showcases his undeniable skill as a producer.

“Rising Morning”  is the first track of the project and it starts with a moody synth that slowly builds up as horns and lush pads come into play. The drum groove here is also solid and has that classic hip-hop bounce associated with lofi/soul pieces. I must say the record sets the tone perfectly “Sapphire Bounce” is a midtempo jazz-infused record that exudes nostalgic memories. The keys, pulsating basslines and wobbling synths all come together like white on rice over the snapping drum groove. “Zeal Pt. 2” has an uplifting aesthetic and the extensive use of horns as the driving motif is brilliant. The piano accompaniment also adds an extra bright element while the steady bass-driven drum groove ties it together. It has a 90s ATCQ-type beat that listeners can rock to.

The next track “Marbles” switches the energy with laidback and somewhat contemplative energy. The drums are punchy and warm tones all blend perfectly alongside the airy trumpet passes and sparkling piano arrangements. “Again” begins with a solemn piano riff followed by moody strings and a complementary horn that accentuates the reflective aura. This is a smooth fusion of jazz, and lofi with soulful aesthetics.

The project closes out with “Emmitouflé” and “Our Time”, 2 tracks that exude deep emotional vibes ranging from contemplative to relaxing. “Emmitouflé” is as mellow as they come and it’s made up of airy atmospheric textures, bright solemn piano riffs and a thick bassline. The horns used here come into play now and then but don’t play a significant role as they appear in the chorus section alone. “Our Time” continues the emotional theme with its layered piano arrangement, warm string pads and subtle horn passes that appear towards the tail end of the track.

Overall, Page Break is a brilliant project that offers listeners a handful of sounds with deep emotions they can tap into. Even though the project is not more than 20 minutes in length, it still packs a punch and gets the job done.

Stream on all DSPs here.

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