So after listening to the AWESOME compilation by ~peacelove (20D Energizers) I started felling nostalgic about the Old School MC’s that disappeared without a trace…

What happened to Afu-Ra, YO?! Does anyone know…If you do drop us a comment.

The brother had amazing skills…lyrics and flow, always on point.

“Defeat” from the album “Body Of The Life Force” (2000)

UPDATE: Thanks to the homie MKej, we finally know, something of Afu Ra…seems like he has been working on a new album “Voice of a Legend”, should have dropped last year, and  Dj Premier will be producing some of the tracks.

Was speaking today with ~peacelove (editor) and “Body Of The Life Force” was no doubt his best…he released another 3 albums after that, the last one in 2005 but he fell off big time. Let’s see what he has in store with the new album…

Major props to MKej


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