Suff Daddy & Miles Bonny In Berlin (Photography by Robert Winter)

I have to apologize for the long delay, on the third part of the underground chronicles. We haven’t had much time to chill since we started as we have shit to do every day. and when I had the chance to chill out a bit i wasn’t in the right mood or just too tired to write.

Stuttgart, Vienna, Cologne, munich, Erfurt, Berlin, Dresden… they were the last tour stops. It was crazy. we met so many people and experienced a lot of good days, if Robert wouldn’t take pictures all the time I would have forgotten most of it…

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Lumberjack & Gin @ SteckenCLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO

We chilled with dexter in Stuttgart, got drunk with Brenk in Vienna, hung out with all the melting pot members in Cologne and chilled a couple of days in Berlin, between that we played shows in cities we have never been before, visited radio stations to promote the tour and the lumberjack album plus we recorded several song with Twit One at the treehouse.

Suff Daddy & Miles Bonny on fritz Radio  (Photo by Robert Winter)

Touring is fun and a little exhausting. We drink a lot, cause the promoters always have one or two bottles of Tanqueray for us, which I really enjoy. Everyone has been really good to us.
Its really cool to perform with miles, as he can improvise to everything that we play. he’s singing and playing trumpet all the time. and i just love it. so this is very easy.

Lumberjack and Gin live in stuttgartCLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO

Today we’re in a small town called Plauen , located in a wonderful countryside. We had a walk through the forest, where Robert took some images for a lumberjack music video. After that we all went to a lake to chill out, so dope. Made me realized how much I enjoy nature. maybe i have to move to the countryside. Usually I spend most of my time in my flat, situated in the center of Berlin, but right now I think I should move somewhere else.

As I write this, I’m in the hotel, relaxing in my room. The next show starts in about two hours. Looking forward to it. And tomorrow we head to Splash, the biggest hip hop festivals in Germany.

I’ll do my best to give you the next episode, quicker than this one.

Tour Dates & Links:

22.06. Stuttgart, Mono
24.06. Wien, Donauinselfest
25.06. Wien, Roxy
30.06. München, Atomic Cafe
02.07. Erfurt, Centrum
06.07. Berlin, Cassiopeia
08.07. Dresden, Altes Wettbüro
09.07. Plauen, Alte Kafferösterei
10.07. Hi-Hat Club @ Splash Festival
14.07. Hamburg, Waagenbau
15.07. Köln, Arty Farty Gallery

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