So here we go. The Suff Chronicles.

I just packed my bags for a 5 week trip. I’m kinda excited, but right now I’m feeling like I wanna stay at home and chill… Anyway.

On June 22nd I’m goin on tour with my man Miles Bonny. If you don’t know him check him out, he’s a singer/producer/trumpet player from Kansas City and he’s doing beautiful stuff.
We have worked together before, he’s a cool dude and I’m really happy to do this shit with him. Robert Winter, the photographer of the Hi-Hat Club is also with us, he’s documenting everything in pictures and videos. Furthermore Wido and Georg from Step Forward Booking will be there to take care of business, while we play music and get drunk. I think thats a fair division of work.

The tour will take us to eleven different cities in three weeks. Before that i’m goin to Vienna, Cologne and Düsseldorf where I play some gigs before Miles arrives.

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First its off to Vienna where one of the Splash (famous hip hop festival in Germany) kick off parties is taking place and where I’ll play alongside Dexter and Brenk (good people and superb producers). All of us three did a episode for the Hi-Hat Club series from MPM (the lable which makes it all happen). So this is our connection, same thing with Miles, we are all label mates.

On Sunday I’m going to Cologne, together with Dexter, where The Beat BBQ is happening, the most beautiful beat-nerd meeting in Germany. The whole german scene (or at least the people that I like) will be there and everyone is playing beats, drinking beer and having food the we all hang out and party afterwards. That shit will be awesome. Unfortunately my flight to Cologne is leaving at 7 am… I hate that shit! I’m really not good at getting up early, I like to have a chilled itinerary, but this time its going to be a lil’ shitty. Anyway, I just hope I can get some sleep before the BBQ.

I don’t like to fly, I’d rather take a train, ’cause you cant take weed with you on a flight. Thats the fucked up part about flying. But foresighted as I am, I already prepared everything for a consistent weed supply (which is important on the road). I hope it all works out as I planned it. (#note to self: need weedcarrier)

After The Beat BBQ I hang out in Cologne and Düsseldorf for a couple of days, prepare some shit for my live set and then I’ll play my first gig in my hometown ever. It’s at the nicest club in town, I used to hang out at their old spot all the time when I was younger, so I’m really looking forward to this. I dreamt of that shit a lot when I used to live there, before I moved to Berlin.

And then the actual tour starts. Really looking forward to this.

Aaaight. so now I’ll hit the boom and then I’m off to the airport. Shit, I think this weekend will be crazy…

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22.06. Stuttgart, Mono
24.06. Wien, Donauinselfest
25.06. Wien, Roxy
30.06. München, Atomic Cafe
02.07. Erfurt, Centrum
06.07. Berlin, Cassiopeia
08.07. Dresden, Altes Wettbüro
09.07. Plauen, Alte Kafferösterei
10.07. Hi-Hat Club @ Splash Festival
14.07. Hamburg, Waagenbau
15.07. Köln, Arty Farty Gallery

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