Detroit Hip-Hop crew “The Regiment” (OSI and IseQold) released their new album “Live From the Coney Island“, which features Bishop Lamont, El Da Sensei(Artifacts), Toki Wright, Guilty Simpson and more, all tracks produced by Nick Speed who produced tracks for Mopreme Shakur, M.O.P., Talib Kweli. Grab your CD copy on fifthelementonline or digital copy on iTunes.

The Coney Island is more than a local restaurant. The Coney represents Detroit on a greater scale. The Greek brothers who founded the Coney Island came to Detroit seeking opportunity and made something out of nothing. With their signature item, the Coney dog, a hotdog that was more than a hotdog, and unique to Detroit, they became legendary. Today it is a Detroit staple, a place to eat and spend time in the inner city for quick meals, hanging with friends, after the club, or to just read the paper. Every neighborhood in Detroit has a Coney Island and you could no more have one than the other. In a similar fashion, the culture, the community, and the opportunity to prosper is what this title represents.

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