Indie rapper The outcastkid follows up his last release The Exhausted EP which came out last year with a new EP. The project in question is titled Outcast in Rapture and it’s a 5 track EP ripe with a wide variety of sounds and chock full of his nonchalant flow threaded by the Bioshock video game concept. Taking vocal snippets from the video game as part of the narrative, listeners follow the journey of The Outcastkid through the underwater city called Rapture after being paid by Andrew Ryan, the founder of the city.

The project kicks off with the introductory “headed to Rapture” which sees the rapper making his way to the fictional Rapture city. Over a dreamy and punchy backdrop, he delivers a fiery performance ripe with passion and it also captures the mind state of a young man determined to make it in the city. This is followed by “Hotbox In The Bathysphere” and like the title suggests, it dwells on enjoying the finest herb he could find in the city. Still using snippets from the Bioshock video game, the project continues with the somber “Smell The Roses,” a mellow track that displays the rapper’s devil-may-care flow and off-beat lyricism. It’s celebration time on “Rapture We Lit” as he makes use of a bouncy backdrop to take time to enjoy the finest moments life in the city could offer. The final track “Living In Rapture” is reflective in nature and details life after the glitz and glamour is gone. He acknowledges that life is not all rosy but he is definitely not resting on his oars and making good use of his innate talents to make himself better.

Overall, the project is short, concise, and well rounded.


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