The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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ScubaSteeze – “Dungeon”


ScubaSteeze sees his mind as a literal “Dungeon” in his new single. Over a mid-00s sounding backdrop, he takes listeners deep into his mind and shows how sporadic and unpredictable it can be.



Memo. – “Open Book” (feat. Toke Wright & Grxxt)

Memo‘s new single “Open Book” sees him working with Toke Wright and Grxxt. The result is a piece that is heartfelt and honest as each emcee give their all on wax and detail their own personal struggles that we all can relate to.



The Real Bril – “Uh”


The Real Bril gets into his bag in the new single “Uh” over a slapping bass-heavy backdrop, he shares his hustle game in the streets and how he handles people close to him.

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Headless Hec – “What I Need”

Headless Hec takes us deep into his life in his new single “What I Need.” Over a solemn and moody backdrop, the rapper delivers a relatable topic that we all can relate to. From daily struggles and self-doubt to finding one’s strength to overcome it all.




KINGOFAXUM – “Immigrant Dreams”

1st-gen Ethiopian-American rapper KINGOFAXUM shares his personal tale of his immigrant parents. The aptly titled song “Immigrant Dreams” is as solemn as they come and really draws listeners in with his evocative and vivid lyrics. It also features a voice message from the artists’ father. This song was written as a part of the soundtrack to the independently released documentary Niguse and The Red Terror (©Third World Vision, LLC).

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Mike Finesse – “Last of a Dying Breed”


Mike Finesse reminds us that he is the “Last of a Dying Breed” in his newest effort. Over a dark cinematic backdrop, he drops pure bravado in his bars.

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Prince Angelus – “The Rain”

Prince Angelus makes his entry on our playlist with his new single “The Rain” which samples the classic song “You Can’t Stop The Rain” by UK group Loose Ends. Over the soulful backdrop, Prince angelus shares a detailed and insightful filled performance as he reflects on his journey from nothing to something.

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Afrado – “Anxiety”

“Anxiety” is a reflective tune from rising rapper Afrado who digs deep into his personal struggles and how unpredictable life can be.





“DB CYPHER” is a posse cut involving a plethora of emcees from WOLF, TEKKDEKK, NICKY BANKZ, JMO423, KING CHRIS INDO, JTOO, XO XUDED to DBM ECLIPZE. Over a mellow and somewhat gloomy backdrop, each artist comes through with their stylish and unique flows.



Foreign Fayz – “Working Class Anthem”


Foreign Fayz shares his unfiltered and candid thoughts on “Working Class Anthem.” A somber gloomy track that explores the dynamics of life in his borough. From his personal struggles to the hurdles working-class folks face daily, Fays gives a poignant account on wax that everyone can relate to.

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GEEK – “Booty Boppin”

GEEK blows up the hinges with his new release “Booty Boppin” which is ripe with thick basslines and an Animated rap flow. The party track is a fun-filled affair that pays homage to the booty with a lot of cheek in it.

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Yabba x $lida – “Talk Alot”

Yabba teams up with $lida for this hustle anthem “Talk Alot” which showcases her hustle mentality and street knowledge.



The Outcastkid – “Outcastkid Therapy”

The Outcastkid comes through with “Outcastkid Therapy” a reflective and profound track that dives into the rapper’s daily struggles, flaws, from entitled chicks, depression, and other relatable issues. The song is taken from his newest 3 song EP titled
This  Feeling Hurts.



Matt Nye x Kxng crooked – “Small Violin”


Matt Nye teams up with West Coast legend Kxng Crooked for this lyric dense collaboration titled “Small Violin.” As the title suggests, the track has a somber violin riff and soft drums to match the rapper’s vivid lyricism.



Midrange Meats – “Sweet Tea”

Midrange Meats takes us back in time in this nostalgic track titled “Sweet Tea.” The track has a soulful bounce reminiscent of De La Soul and ATCQ while Meats deliver a heartfelt performance ripe with insightful verses and a soothing melodic chorus to match.

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J.C. Owenz – “Truth Serum” (feat. Rokkai & Jee Malik)


“Truth Serum” is a reflective track by J.C. Owenz, Rokkai, and Jee Malik. The trio shares their experiences and the daily struggle of the pandemic and the changing dynamics of life.

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JOƵIAH – “No Days Off”


Indie rapper JOƵIAH dwells on his work ethic and hustle in the song “No Days Off.” Over a smooth backdrop, he shares his thoughts on working hard and taking no days off in order to achieve his goals.

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Jirias – “Sammy Sosa”

Jirias closes out the list with “Sammy Sosa” a jazzy-infused somber track that is ripe with some insightful and heartfelt bars which culminate in a synth & flute outro played by Jirias himself.

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