The Relentless 2.0 : Getback Season is a new project from Terapy that dropped this Easter Sunday the 12th of April. This for Terapy is his 5th official project fueled by a burning passion to overcome struggles and setbacks and keep on pushing for the win regardless of the situations and current circumstances in order to become stronger and better through life’s experiences hence the title The Relentless 2.0: Getback Season. Production for the project come from seasoned hands such as Black Intelligence, Dreamlife, Greham, and then some. Guest appearances that featured on the project include Psalmurai, Yoopi Obi, Lionel Fusco, Double Six, Renii, Lord Gem, Myke Syke, Kxng Whiz, Chizzy The Don, Uknown The Poet and Brena Marin. It is actually refreshing to hear rappers from the African continent and specifically Nigeria have something to say and we can share in their perspectives from a larger standpoint.
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