When two masters get together to create a project, they bring their A-game to the fore. Teck-Zilla is not new to us on this forum anymore as we have had the opportunity of enjoying his many gifting to us.  The international producer teams up with Psalmurai, a veteran in the rap hemisphere, and both men bring their god-level status to bear on this three-track ep titled Enter The Double Dragon. It is a short project but definitely worth the listen with all songs produced by Teck-Zilla and Psalmurai dropping dope lyrics over cinematic soundscapes peppered with soundbites from classic Run Run Shaw kung-fu flicks. The EP starts off with the anthemic “God Level” that aims to explain Psalmurai’s status as a top tier lyricist. Devoid of any hooks or gimmicks, Psalmurai proclaims the duo’s God Level status with detailed effort and layered meanings. The follow up track “Soul Calibre” is a solemn but head nodding cut that sees Psalmurai in his element once again. He takes back emcees to task and challenges the status quo. On this one, Dj Teck-Zilla cuts in a number of classic hiphop lines on the hook. The final cut “Samurai Dreams” closes the project out on a triumphant note. Over a sublime backdrop, Psalmurai stands his ground and questions the individuals who lack the proper work ethic to achieve their goals.

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