Recall the Enter The Double Dragon Extended Play that has Teck-Zilla and Psalmurai collaborating? Well, here is another visual that we get to enjoy courtesy of the duo. After giving us the video for ‘God Level’ of the three-track project, Teck-zilla and Psalmurai curate for us a two-for-one special to cover the remaining two songs being Soul Calibre and Samurai Dreams. Interestingly enough, Psalmurai is the one that directs the video while The Myth handles the shots to deliver a beautiful piece that pays homage to Kung fu flicks, Martial Arts, Star Wars, and hip-hop all meshed together. The video picks up from where the first single “God Level” left and showcases the duo’s love for the arts and even ties in a sequence of Teck in his Wushu Kwan gi performing various hand to hand techniques. Enjoy the treat right here.

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