XYZ is back in the thick of things again on the drum machines and this time around he introduces us to Ben Hilly who is not so much a newbie when it comes to the raps but relatively not very popular as he is not on that mainstream sound. Both men put their powers together to create this project they have titled Polymathematics and it is quite apt as both men have shown that you cannot box them in one corner. XYZ has proved that he is not just a rapper, he is also a producer and video director just to mention a few of the name tags he wears. Ben Hilly on the other hand whilst being a dope lyrical genius, he also shows that he can hold his own with the melodies without making it typical and he displays this on the tape. This is a very cohesive project done with intention as it is one of the minuscule body of works depicting a true representation of that the boom bap hip hop sounds which a few people have been seriously craving. The stand out track for me is the mellow and chilled “Lounging” with guest appearance from Psalmurai. The vibe on this is so dope that even XYZ himself could not resist and jumps in to spit a verse. Enjoy hip hop from Nigeria and share your reservations if any although I seriously doubt that.

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