Psalmurai is back with more music and this time he hits us with a body of work in the form of an EP. BLTN the EP (Better Late Than Never) is the material that the one-third of the musical trio, The Kalifate has just put out and this is a project that a lot of hip hop heads in the Nigerian hip hop community have been waiting on. To the people that know Psalmurai, they know just what to expect from the hip hop junkie whose lyrical dexterity has been heralded across board. The emcee is himself a polymath who apart from being a lyricist, is also a video director and a content creator amongst other hats he wears. With MHP producing the whole project, the EP is well thought out and the direction intentional and clearly defined. With this in pocket, we can expect a dope 2017 Naija Rap up; the yearly rundown of notable events in country that he has become famous for doing. Sample the EP and let Psalmurai know what time it is.

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