South-Wales-based singer-songwriter The Honest Poet caught our ears with his new single “Toxic City”, a heartfelt reflective tune that centers on the trauma that comes from witnessing abusive relationships from the outside looking in.  Over producer Minas‘ soulful and reflective soundscape, The Honest Poet reflects on his mother’s toxic relationships and how it affected him as a kid growing up. Armed with his emotional-powerful flow and heartfelt lines like  “When I was young I got stuck in between
Honestly I cant take it no more , Soul feels sunk in the floor/Not like before cos im wiser and older/But Deep down I feel so fractured/Its the reason for this bottled up trauma,” he gives us a glimpse into his life and how these experiences shaped him.


‘Toxic City’ marks an initial glimpse into The Honest Poet’s forthcoming EP ‘Love Complexity,’.


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