South-Wales-based singer-songwriter The Honest Poet returns to the forefront with his new EP Love Complexity and the accompanying visuals for the lead song “No Good”. The release is a culmination of a slew of singles that came out earlier in the year which kept the Welsh singer/songwriter on our radar. The 5 track project is an exploration of the dark side of love and how the ever-changing dynamics between two lovers can lead to unpredictable circumstances. Bolstered by the dark and enthralling soundscape provided by fellow Welsh artist and producer MINAS, The Honest Poet proceeds to draw audiences into the mix with a world-building songwriting approach that slowly unveils different layers to this thing called love. From toxicity to cheating, betrayal and heartbreaking stories, audiences will be greeted by familiar stories that they can relate to at every turn and leave them more than a bit to ponder.


The project is accompanied by the visuals for “No Good” featuring spoken word artist Rowen Brittany. The solemn ballad centers around the aftermath of a heart-shattering breakup and we see THP reflecting on the betrayal and disloyal moments he endured with his ex. Even though he stayed with a hopeful demeanour, deep down he knew they were no good for him. THP pours every fibre of his being over the gloomy keys and haunting pads provided by MINAS while Rowen’s soothing vocal embellishments light it up with pure and raw emotions. The visuals employ different heart-related and emotional motifs in the form of set pieces, moody landscape shots and a few performance shots of The Honest poet himself.



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Through unique soulful vocals that emanate raw emotion and poetic lyrics, the Welsh singer/songwriter creates a dreamy experience for his listeners. The complexity of his work is highlighted through his wide variety of influences, which stretch from Sam Cooke to J. Cole and Chance the Rapper to The Streets. By mixing R&B, soul, hip hop, and spoken word, The Honest Poet has made a name for himself as a standout artist with a sound reminiscent of artists like Easy Life, Dermot Kennedy, and Ady Sulieman.


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