Swiss-born, Italy-raised genre-bending artist Stemin is a multi-faceted singer/songwriter/instrumentalist whose self-expressive style of music sees him pushing the envelope at every turn. Being able to tap into the spirit of soul luminaries such as Marvin Gaye, Al Green et al. and mixing it with his unique style sets him apart from the crowd. His latest effort “When You’re Ready” is a powerful soul duet with vocalist Bieke that centers on self-confidence and garnering the strength to push past judgment, shame and embracing one’s true self. Over the mellow drum grooves, sublime guitar licks and warm textures, Stemin delivers a soul-stirring performance alongside Beike’s alluring vocals and heartfelt lines like “Baby don’t you wanna be free/Trapped by voices, harmful noises/They keep you in the darkness/Choices you are making Will help you stop the faking/The world is ready for you” that remind us to express our true selves.


temin is a Swiss-born, Italy-raised artist making waves in Amsterdam’s music scene. A singer, performer, and producer, he is known for blending pop, R&B, and soul with his jazz and soul roots, a reflection of his musical foundation in piano, guitar, and drums. His sound, imbued with the influences of gospel and black music, is a conduit for conveying deep emotions and personal experiences, resonating particularly with his advocacy for the queer community. He is currently working on a new album scheduled to drop in 2024.

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