The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Mega Sean – “Lonely”

Mega Sean‘s “Lonely” is a fusion of the old and new sprinkled with that hip-hop swag. Over a retro jazz sample, he shares his thoughts on fake friendships, love, and loyalty in this day and age. He employs a laidback and well-calculated cadence to fit the bouncing roaring 20s vibe and delivers something refreshing and thought-provoking for everyone.
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Selca – “AM Effect”


Emerging rapper Selca‘s “AM Effect” is a moody and self-reflective piece that dives deep into the rapper’s life in totality. Over a somber backdrop, he reflects on his fears and hopes as a struggling artist trying to find his way while naysayers are telling him to quit. It’s highly relatable, honest, and will surely appeal to listeners.

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SlimYungMan – “Forgive N Forget”


SlimYungMan shares his new song “Forgive N Forget” on our list, the self-produced track has a dreamy vibe and captures the rapper’s off-kilter flow and style.
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Prince Wiser – “Candice Patton” ft. Saxman Noel (Prod. INTLMC)”.

NY emcee Prince Wiser shares a new single “Candice Patton” that sees him working with Saxman Noel. The INTLMC produced track has a jazzy vibe with its warm textures, undeniable drum groove, and a soulful sax section. Prince Wiser on the other hand delivers an adulation-filled performance that pays homage to actress Candice Patton. “Candice Patton” is taken from Prince Wiser’s 2nd LP Grotto.


PIVE – “Music Lives”


Emerging rapper PIVE makes his entry on our list with his new release titled “Music Lives.” The pop-infused track is an aspirational track that aims to inspire anyone who has a dream. PIVE delivers an insightful message with his bass-laden gruff vocals which culminate in a soulful chorus. A song for anyone that has a dream & to go for it no matter the cost. “Music Lives” is the first single off his debut album that comes out July 23rd 2021.

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Dillastrate – “Scorch” (feat. LUIS)


Producer Dillastrate teams up with rapper LUIS for this heartfelt and reflective joint titled “Scorch”. Bolstered by lush rumbling keys and soulful textures, LUIS proceeds to give us a glimpse into his world from his hopes, fears, dreams, and motivations.
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Marsiell – “Too Often”


Marsiell’s “Too Often” is a homage to the blue and white-collar workers who feel stuck in the never-ending 9-5 cycle. Over a punchy and soulful backdrop, he explores the stress that comes with running the rat race and reminds the listeners that he is not giving up.
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JAE Black – “Scars”


Emerging Asheboro, North Carolina-based rapper JAE Black pours his emotions on wax on his new single “Scars.” He explores his life via fake friendships, loneliness, and the ultimate goal of finding one’s true self. The beat is somewhat engaging but somber enough to fit JAE Black’s emotional lyrics and laidback flow.


Uncle TreY – “5th Ave Freestyle”


Uncle TreY drops the visuals for his loosie track “5th Ave Freestyle.” The production here is sublime and dreamy while the trap drum groove adds a punchy element to it. The rapper goes into bravado mode and stunts on the opposition with no apology. The visuals take him and his girl to 5th Ave just for the fun of it.


Owl Green x J.Lately – “Home Movies”


Owl Green and J.Lately show us how they chill in the hottest season of the year on their new collaboration titled “Home Movies.” The laidback guitar lick-driven backdrop forms the perfect nostalgic backdrop for the rappers as they take time to relax from all the stress of the world. This is perfect to rock with while chilling or doing house chores.




Emerging rapper INASEH delivers a heartfelt and insightful record titled “IMPERIAL” where he makes use of a somber backdrop to paint pictures of his struggles and hopes.
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G Herbo -“I Don’t Wanna Die”


G Herbo shares the video for his single “I Don’t Wanna Die” a heartfelt and gripping track about street life. Over a moody texture, he delivers an emotion-laden performance as he decries the dark side of the streets in Chi-town. In the black and white video for “I Don’t Wanna Die” directed by child, G Herbo paints a clear picture of Chicago natives being targeted in their own communities. The sobering imagery is a heartfelt testimony of why he continues to be the voice of the streets.
“I Don’t Wanna Die” is taken from his new album entitled 25.


Toneyboi & Gaine$ – “Group Home” (ft Brad Piff)

Buffalo, NY art dealers Toneyboi & Gaine$ take us deep into the “Group Home” on the new single. Bolstered by a mellow menacing beat by Toneyboi, the track has the biological brother emcees and guest Rochester, NY’s Brad Piff dropping that upstate reality rap. This is the first leak from the forthcoming Project 77 to drop on 7/7/21 which will be swiftly followed by two additional installments Project 88 (to drop 8/8/21) and Project 99 to drop on, you guessed it 9/9/21)


Cas Metah x Sintax the Terrific x Dj Sean P – “Alright”


Straight out of Illect Recordings emcees Cas Metah and Sintax the Terrific have teamed up for a forthcoming project Mere Mortals. In the interim, they share this summer track titled “Alright” which sees them working with DJ Sean P. The feel-good track is an inspiring piece that evokes summer house parties with good people and great memories.
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Canadian/Zimbabwean rapper CHARMAINE teams up with rapper VALENTINO for this reggaeton jam titled “‘A MI MANERA'” the record is bouncy and has a commercial vibe from start to finish.
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Jeh $inatra – “Dream Street”


“Dream Street” is the latest single from artist Jeh $inatra. He teams up with UK production duo Temper Beats! for this one. The backdrop is somber and moody which fits $inatra ‘s revealing and insightful lyrics that dive into real-time issues ranging from socio-political unrest and global unrest.
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Flimsey Lohan – “Octoflim”


Flimsey Lohan is in reflective mode on his new release titled “Octoflim.” Over a somber jazz texture and groovy drums, he gives the listener a glimpse into his life as he thinks of the good times and the loved ones who have passed away.



Black Sheep Optimists – “Speak Friend”


Black Sheep Optimists team up with producer David Price on the guitar-driven track titled “Speak Friend.” The track has a mix of rock vibes and hard-nosed lyrics from the rap group. “Speak Friend” is a teaser towards their big release “Candles” dropping July 24th.
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VBK Isreal x Leeroy Destroy – “Untitled 254”



The Bay Area meets Upstate NY when VBK Isreal and Leeroy Destroy team up for this boom-bap extravaganza titled “Untitled 254.” The piano-laden beat is reflective and sees the rappers in their element.
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Keshad Adeniyi – “Cant Afford That”


Emerging rapper Keshad Adeniyi shares the new single “Cant Afford That,” a reflective track that explores the rapper’s inner doubts. He is quite unapologetic on the track and stays true to himself.


Krisengebeat x The Scribes – “Haunted House Party”

Krisengebeat and The Scribes close out the list with this creepy single titled “Haunted House Party.” Bolstered by the moody, melancholic backdrop, the rappers deliver vivid lyrics that dwell on macabre situations at a house party.

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