Wasup my good peoples!

I go by the name of Heraldo and as some of you may already be aware of, I’m the latest addition to the Word Is Bond family in the form of a News Editor. As well as regular updates and news on all the latest and freshest goings on in the Hip Hop world expect; debates, personal opinions, interviews, Q/A’s and generally more interaction with you guys the readers. I’ll be wanting your opinions on some controversial and interesting issues as well as on the blog as a whole, so don’t be afraid to run riot in that comments box below. Jose and I have been discussing a few other projects in the works so keep an eye out for my monthly wrap ups and other WIB goodness.

Hopefully this is the genesis to something new and dope that I can add to WIB. As the title of this post suggests, yes I am an avid Nas stan and am willing to go toe-to-toe with anyone wishing to dispute or discuss this! If I had it my way, the sounds of Grand Wizard Theodore’s ‘Subway Theme’ would reverberating across the net right now as Jose and I discuss new directions and fresh ideas. Hopefully we can produce something of Illmatic proportions (don’t hold me to that though).

Looking forward to adding to this already dope blog and receiving your feedback.



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