Before you say anything I appreciate that this is now ‘old’. But there is motivation behind this. First, cos I for one slept on it for way too long and I would hate for someone else to experience that. Secondly, because The Bullitts are really, really awesome.

This track (which will feature on Jay Electronica’s up-coming album) is maybe one of the most amazing I’ve heard. The Bullitts, which is the creation of Londoner Jeymes Samuel, create the most incredible atmospheric music, blending all types of Soul, RnB, Pop and Jazz, and provide what is probably the most jaw-dropping refrain on a record. Then when Jay Elec drops in… man…

The cinematic intent behind each of The Bullitts’ records is manifested in the videos that accompany them. This track, for example, is accompanied by a ten minute film (for those who want just the record, skip to 3:25), and Lucy Liu narrates on others, not to mention star of The Wire Idris Elba joined them on stage last year.

So anyway, check this track out, check out the rest of the Bullitts’ music and hope that this indicates the standard of Jay Electronica’s Act II, because if it does then that is going to be a groundbreaking Hip-Hop album.

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