Back in the good old days, there used to be a shop in Manchester, UK, called Fat City. This shop would stock the latest and greatest in hip hop, in the form of vinyl and CD. This is becoming a rarer and rarer concept, but it was where most of my musical discoveries took place from the late 90s to the mid-late 00s.

One day, Darren (who worked at the shop) told me I needed to hear this Jazz Addixx album that they had just got in stock; I listened and I was hooked! This album came with a free mix-CD from DJ Ragz of the Jazz Addixx, called Jazz-Hop. Ever since then I have paid attention to what this man, and his crew, does.

Which brings me to this brand new mix from DJ Ragz: Electrical  Tape. It’s a DJ mix of many things good happening in hip hop right now, all mixed together by a true hip hop DJ, using craft, skill and an ear for dopeness.

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