After 94 exciting episodes of our weekly video list, we have decided to change the format to include more visuals. This is to accommodate the rising requests we get and to shine a light on artists who otherwise might fall under the radar.
So, everybody, we start September with the maiden edition of TWIB’s Weekly Top 10 Videos.
This is more videos for viewers out there, whether you have been following us or are new to us, we are sure there is something in here for you. Again, we promise to bring you the best from high to low budget, to animated to DIY and first and foremost, the most creative visuals we can source.





Lord Willin x Dylan Cage x Consiglio – “Who Am I?” prod. by Dosha Burna

Lord Willin, Dylan Cage and Baton Rouge artist Consiglio help open this week’s video playlist with “Who Am I?”. The energetic bravado-driven track is produced by Dosha Burna who makes a bouncy South-infused backdrop for the rappers to flex their lyrical biceps. The beat is quite different from what we are used to from Lord Willin but nevertheless, the veteran Providence artist delivers the goods alongside his rap cohort and overall it’s a testament to the rapper’s versatility. The video was shot by Cinematic with additional filming by Tony Bizz who helped bring it to life with a mix of performance shots, and smooth cut scenes with transitions to match. “Who Am I” is the lead single by Providence artist Lord Willin & Baton Rouge artist Consiglio from their debut collaboration album Coastal Connection Vol.1.


Taco Bell x Armani White – “Silver Tooth” in Taco Bell “Line Up” Spot”.

Taco Bell and Armani White share “Silver Tooth” in Taco Bell “Line Up” Spot” which serves as the sound to the Taco Bell ads that were aired recently. The track has a bouncy and catchy feel and is underpinned by Armani White’s distinct energetic and dyanmic flow.

While Armani White’s SILVER TOOTH,” off his latest acclaimed LP, Road to CASABLANCO., captures the last days of summer in the Rolled Chicken Tacos “Line Up” spot. Armani shared, “I’m excited to be partnering with Taco Bell, especially on ‘SILVER TOOTH.’ My mom’s about to record her TV and send it to everyone at church I already know it hahaha!


Rucci LSE – No Rush



Rising UK rapper Rucci LSE gets into the mix of things with his new  Dr Vades -produced single “No Rush”, the track samples Ja Rule and Ashanti‘s “Wonderful: and flips it into something new. The song has a summer party feel and Rucci LSE is definitely having fun as he takes us deep into the luxurious lifestyle he dabbles in. The visual also taps into the same party vibe and viewers are transported to two iconic locations – the stunning island of Bermuda and the bustling streets of London, creating a visual journey that celebrates the fusion of cultures and music, just in time for Notting Hill Carnival weekend.


ABRA CADABRA – “Street View”.

Tottenham, North London-raised MOBO Award-winning rapper Abra Cadabra takes us deep into his borough in “Street View” featuring Popcaan. The hard-hitting jam produced by FaNaTix (Nicki Minaj), MageTheProducer (Libianca) and Juggy Beatz, sees Abra Cadabra weave his lived personal experience into the film’s soundtrack to deliver a powerful and authentic performance. Abra says: ‘The EP is inspired by my experience of working on the film as well as my personal experience of growing up in Tottenham. What I’m playing as Magic, in the film, I’ve really seen. I’m merging my reality with Magic’s reality.’

Directed by the film’s producers and British directors, actors and Grime pioneers, Femi Oyeniran and NickySlimtingWalker, the music video for ‘Street View’ was filmed on Broadwater Farm Estate in Tottenham and features clips from the upcoming movie.

“Street View”. is taken from the official soundtrack of the new British film TRAPPIN (Watch it on The Drop HERE) ‘TRAPPING’, directed and written by Penny Woolcock, is a brutally honest fictional portrayal of the distressing reality of county lines in the UK. Filmed between economically deprived areas of London and Kent it stars Abra Cadabra in his first acting role alongside upcoming actors Louis Ede (who plays the leading character Daz), Aaliyah Gohir (who plays Maryam), C-Biz (who plays Bigger Man), Femi Oyeniran (who plays Wole), Nicky Walker, (who plays Slim Man), and Drill group OFB.



Offica – Living Proof“.


Nigerian-born, Irish-raised rapper Offica caught our eyes and ears with his striking new single “Living Proof” as he prepares for his forthcoming EP. “Living Proof” is built on a simple piano-driven bouncy backdrop and sees Offica blending his Irish and Nigerian roots in his own unique and humorous way. The track sets the scene for Offica’s upcoming two-part EP, the first of which is titled Hokage and focuses on his ‘classic’ sound of anime-infused party drill contrasting with more introspective rap.


James Gatzby – “Broke Isn’t Funny”

Uprising rapper/songwriter James Gatzby reminds us that being “Broke Isn’t Funny” in his new release. The track is a mix of humour and real-time issues that dwell on the financial downturn that everyone faces now and then. Over a slick guitar-driven backdrop, James takes us through the ups and downs of trying to balance a healthy life with proper financial backing by working hard. The song is accompanied by a visual that follows James’ homeless character as he wanders around the inner city looking for what to live on until he eventually gets his comeuppance and finds success. It’s a stark reminder that poverty is quite expensive.


Gregory Hutchinson – “Losing You” (feat. Leona Berlin)

Acclaimed drummer/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Gregory Hutchinson shares visuals for “Losing You” featuring vocalist/producer Leona Berlin which serves as the precursor to his debut album DA BANG. The track is as sublime and soothing as they come with rich piano-laden soundscapes underpinned by Leona’s commanding vocal runs and heartfelt lyricism that dwell on the constant euphoria that comes with falling in love and the fear of losing that special someone. The visual is quite stylish and makes use of performance shots of both artists, cut scenes and subtle transitions and effects that capture the chemistry between the two.



XENAI – “Cold Summer”


Eclectic hip-hop/R&B bending artist XENAI drops the visuals for his single “Cold Summer”. The Boston, Massachusetts-raised rapper with Middle Eastern roots blends the two worlds in his own distinct manner as he reflects on life in general in his new song and the journey he went through to get to where he is now. The visual style is quite simple and uses performance shots with long-cut scenes and lyrics.

Bryant Barnes – “Adore You”

Bryant Barnes is an uprising R&B artist whose new release “Adore You” caught our eyes with its accompanying visuals. As a multi-instrumentalist, he also produces his own music and on the track produced by Casse Lowe and Andrew Luce who craft a soul-gripping and sombre backdrop that taps into his solemn and heartfelt lyrics. He dwells on the feeling of uncertainty in a relationship because of ongoing problems coupled with overthinking.

The visual is cinematic and makes use of short performance shots, and quick-cut scenes with engaging angles that capture the emotional distress of an individual who seeks pure love.


Stori – “Attention”

Uprising rapper Stori brings to our “Attention” her style of rapping that is distinct and engaging. Backed by the sombre textures and snapping drum grooves, Stori delivers an unapologetic and vivid tale about who she is in the grand scheme of things. She is comfortable with her sexuality and with a lot of carriage behind her, she sure is holding her own. The visuals also tap into the theme and focus on Stori from start to finish with a blend of performance shots that capture her in her element.

Benjamin Race x Ellison Kendrick – “Take You Home”


UK-based neo-soul producer Benjamin Race and vocalist Ellison Kendrick share visuals for “Take You Home”. The jazz-soul-infused effort is as smooth as butter and exudes that classic vibrant retro R&B/soul vibe that we all love and the result is engaging from start to finish. The song swerves from seductive calms to energetic blasts, mimicking Kendrick’s lyrical journey of confident flirtation. The accompanying visuals bring the fun-filled track to life with its scenic shots of the city and shots of Ellison as he does his thing.




Tyte x Wizz Havinn – “Ask Around”.


Florida native Tyte teams up with Wizz Havinn for the upbeat street banger titled “Ask Around”. The title is a testament to Tyte’s street credibility as he reminds us that he is who he says he is. His longtime collaborator Wizz Havinn also joins the fray with his laid-back Southern drawl.

The song is bolstered by an immensely entertaining clip that is shot by frequent Slip N Slide collaborator Counterpoint 2.0. The visual is full of eye-catching elements that put you right in the middle of the action: the boisterous crowds and the sidewalk dancers, the tail lights and the trap houses, the hot city streets and the twilight skies. But it’s the rappers who shake this bottle up and make it fizz. Tyte always seems to be coming toward the camera, sometimes through the haze, sometimes in the vanguard of a group of restless young men, and sometimes on his own. He’s neither menacing nor particularly welcoming. He’s just there, irresistible and confident, a rude fact, the man of the hour, and an emerging artist we’ll be hearing from for a long time.

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