It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Behind The Beat – “Offbeat”


French producer Behind The Beat opens up this week’s list with his offbeat punchy beat titled “Offbeat.” The track has a bassoon type instrument that takes precedence with lush pianos in the backdrop and a snappy drum arrangement to match.


PachaOneBeats – “Train”

Argentine producer PachaOneBeats comes through with this smooth boom-bap beat he calls “Train.” The track is very crisp and has a nice layered texture that is relaxing and smooth.




Krisengebeat – “1996” feat. DJ Sakul

Krisengebeat takes us back to “1996” on his new release. The boom-bap beat sure hits the mark with its moody jazz layers, punchy drums, and excellent scratches courtesy of DJ Sakul.

Flamingo Zamperoni – “used to be a jar jar”

Producer Flamingo Zamperoni serves up some relaxing beat on his new release titled “used to be a jar jar.” This is a solid one that is built on smooth piano riffs and laidback drums to match.
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Terrence “Esquire” Huggins – “Citas”


Terrence “Esquire” Huggins shares “Citas” a nice reflective beat ripe with smooth textures and an alluring vocal sample in the background. “Citas” is a single of his recent instrumental album drop titled Nostalgia.
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Prince Prabjyot – “Boop Voop”


“Boop Voop” by Prince Prabjyot is an experimental beat that has crunchy drums, middle eastern elements with cinematic textures. It’s quite enjoyable and dynamic too.
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Violentlyill – A”bove It”


Violentlyill shares a visual for his new release “A”bove It” he definitely delivers with headnodding drums, cinematic textures, and vocal narration about how types of vinyl are made and how they work.
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bmbu – “ready for pie”


bmbu‘s “ready for pie” is reflective and solemn. He makes use of a lush dreamy string, sparkling piano riffs over punchy drums. Solid stuff if I do say so myself.
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Dajamah – “W O N T _ W 8”


Dajamah‘s new release “W O N T _ W 8” is a laidback beat that makes use of vocal chops, piano riffs layered over each other. He goes for that Griselda no drum policy on this one too. Get it on Bandcamp.



Aaron Black – “Bleach”

Aaron Black‘s “Bleach” has a snappy drum arrangement and the textures are somewhat sparse. Definitely can hear a smooth vocalist on this one.


Soulone Beats – “Golden”

Soulone Beats shares some feel-good vibes on his new beat titled “Golden.” From the lush guitar riffs, deep piano runs to the dreamy textures, he sure delivers something heartwarming and soothing.


Lee Blackman – “Don’t Mind”


Lee Blackman takes us back to the 90s with “Don’t Mind” a heavy boom-bap type beat that is brimming with jazzy horns, crunchy drums, and dusty piano riffs.
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Jomy – “Sleepless”


Jomy thrills us with his new release “Sleepless.” A laidback solemn piece that is ripe with smooth piano rolls and headnodding grooves.
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Marvillous Beats – “Sanity (Instrumental)”


Laurel, Maryland, USA based producer Marvillous Beats shares “Sanity (Instrumental)” with us and it’s pretty solid. A nice blend of boom-bap drums and live instrumentation. It definitely has that 90s NY vibe.
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Tai Wyban – “Can’t Get You Out”


“Can’t Get You Out” is a neat jazzy dusty beat by producer/instrumentalist Tai Wyban. He blends solemn guitar plucks, moody basslines, and textures that make for a smooth relaxing feel.

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Socotra – “New Beginnings”


Socotra help close out this week’s top instrumental submissions with “New Beginnings.” A smooth solemn piece made up of lush piano runs, jazz horns and rollicking drum breaks. The beat is dynamic too and the way it switches and slows down makes it solid from start to finish.

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