UK music producer/songwriter/rapper Goostavo cooks up some “FOOD FOR THE SOUL” in his latest release. The sombre and soulful track is made up of lush jazzy horns, warm textures and a smooth drum groove that serves as the perfect backdrop for his reflective and inspiring lyrical display. The rapper takes his time to detail his search for inner peace and the ups and downs that come with the process.

“FOOD FOR THE SOUL” is the lead single from Goostavo’s forthcoming EP and it’s the follow-up to his earlier release RUNAWAY.

Southampton-based Angus Bruce AKA GOOSTAVO, is a rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist from South London. He started playing the sax at the tender age of 8 and that made him fall in love with jazz in his teens. He started making beats after turning 19 and later evolved into rapping. His debut EP RUNAWAY was released in March 2023.



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