Tensei & ADAD are no strangers to the pages of Word Is Bond, both producer and MC are equally talented and together they fuse to create the neck snapping tune “The God Song”. Just like Jansport J yesterday, is good to have these cats back in the game

This is that song from the perspective of cats who believe in a higher power or god if you will, but don’t really go to church.

Preparing for a highly productive 2016, Tensei and ADaD have formed a union to bring you “THE GOD SONG”. The melodic and bassy production provides the perfect back drop to sober and precise lyrics communicating the concept of ….. “Someone bigger” always being there for us no matter what. Be on the lookout for more incredible and production from Tensei… Starting with their collaborative EP with Chicago based Soul Gurus “The Ones” and ADaDs re entry into the fray with his upcoming Lp… “Drifted”. It’s going to be a good year…. Enjoy Yall, we got a new joint, and many many more in 2016.

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