It’s been two years since we’ve seen a full album release from Jansport J. Since The Soul Provider, we here at WIB have been wondering if the ‘swiss army knife of production’ is releasing anything anytime soon. I’ve had a couple of run-ins with the brother, and let me tell you… just be patient. He’s been listening, and is definitely watching what the people are asking for. Producers like him come a dime a dozen (case in point, let me point you to U$A), despite what everyone’s preference in music is nowadays. And just to get you guys through the holidays, he has provided some new material for your ears.

Sport will be releasing a new album at the top of 2016, called ‘blackwhitegoldville‘. Black and white “….symbolize the classic aesthetic, gold, a standard bearer – reinforcing the idea of forever and “ville” representing a metaphysical presence in a state of mind,” says, J.

With that being said, we now see him back with Melat (from their collaboration, Move Me), on this first release. She also appears on the opening track of the album, so check out the tracklisting below. Album is set to drop January 11th.

  1. blackwhitegoldville [home] feat. Melat
  2. deeper
  3. pretend
  4. k e m e t
  5. cleopatras
  6. inner G
  7. baltimorefergusonUSA
  8. organics
  9. nostalgia
  10. boy
  11. a tribe called pharaoh+souldela
  12. nobody
  13. b(rake) my heart
  14. thegoodthingboutluv
  15. hopethatshe
  16. expand+exist feat. Melat
  17. memory fade
  18. d.o.m.e.
  19. [sub]conscious feat. Bee Honey
  20. in silence [home] feat. Tania DeBarros
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