We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top 10 Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts.
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Chi-town producer Tensei (meaning “Heaven Star” in Japanese) teamed up with Adad and Jimetta Rose on their newest tune “Baby”. The multi-talented prodcer crafts a smooth, soulful backdrop for the two vocalists as they proceed to share their emotions for their respective significant other.

Tensei (meaning “Heaven Star” in Japanese) is the Chicago based producer tandem of Midas Wells and Chris Kramer. Spearheading a soulful, electronic and hip hop infused perspective to Chicago’s growing spiritual jazz movement, the tandem has enlisted the likes of Makaya McCravenGreg Spero and Junius Paul among others for these compositions.



Eifelgangsta & LuGhz – Life.

“Life” is the result of a German/Nigerian Hip-Hop Collaboration between producer Eifelgangsta and emcee LuGhz. Over a solemn, laid-back soundscape provided by the German producer, LuGhz shares a poignant tale of John Biz, a friend of his who shot in a Gang-related shooting and the consequences of his death. A Story of mourning, revenge, and hope in one of the poorest countries in this World. It will definitely get the listener tuned in from start to end.

Matthias Mueller aka Eifelgangsta is a German producer who started off as producing rock music but later moved to hip-hop in his 25 years of music making. Anyanwu Victor Chukwuemeka aka LuGhz is an emcee of Nigerian descent but spent most of his early life in London, UK. The two never met personally and made contact and work through the Internet.



D-Truce and TylerRIDDIM present the visuals for “Sketchers”

Lagos, Nigerian based rappers D-Truce and Tyler deliver the visuals to their song “Sketchers”. The laid back track has a lo-fi/trap feel and showcases the undeniable chemistry between both rappers as they go back and forth with their malleable flows and witty lyrics. Directed by TOHEEBPFG and D-Truce, the video tells the story of two young, aspiring music makers hounded by a very wily influencer in the shape of an individual named OSAGIE.
“Sketchers” is off the duo’s recently released collaboration project entitled The Backbenchers.
“Sketchers” is a statement of intent as the artistes look to release career-defining projects this year. Be on the lookout as D-Truce announces his forthcoming project “2 Birds, 1 Stone” in the coming days.



Mirel – Bleinsfeld Episode 2 (feat. Bleinsfeld)


Mirel is a self-taught music producer based out of Chicago, IL and on his new song titled “Bleinsfield Episode 2 ” he teamed up with vocalist Bleinsfield. The vocalist comes through with a smooth gripping performance over the lush backdrop.

“Bleinsfield Episode 2 ” is one of the many singles expected from the producer in 2019 so keep your eye out for it.




Ruben Young – Golden Hell.

Canadian indie RnB act Ruben Young returns with his brand of funk-laced RnB vibes with the release of his new song titled “Golden Hell”. As usual, he delivers a smooth, brain worm melody laced performance over a mellow lush soundscape.

“Golden Hell” is the follow up to his previous Hodgy featured single ‘Rachel Green‘.

Listen to the smooth new synth-driven R&B track, “Golden Hell” – HERE.





Gran Larson – BED [Prod. By MarcDBeats]

Calvin L. Nelson who goes by the moniker Gran Larson makes his debut on the list with a solid effort titled “BED”. He details a vivid story of the streets over a cinematic/minimalistic backdrop. He brings the listener closer to the action with his graphic lyrics and energetic delivery.

“BED” is a record from his latest EP release titled “The Shattered Diamond EP“.




Nnadagi – Just Because.

“Just Because” by Nnadagi has an interesting vibe. It strays from the stereotypical rap structure and employs Afrocentric rhythms and pop elements. The song’s subject matter is pretty personal and poignant as she details her upbringing and how she broke free from the social restraints that may have been placed on her as an individual. It sounds like a tale of someone searching for truth in a world where bad things happen to good people. Interestinng and heartwarming if you asked me.


Canvas Blck – With me now

RnB/hip-hop act Canvas Blck makes his mark on the list with his new song “With me now”. A laid back, surreal song that showcases the Kansas City Missouri act’s penchant for mixing smooth melodies against hard hitting flows.




Twan Mack – A Rap Song

Twan Mack shows us just how “A Rap Song” can make you change your mind in less than a minute. Starting with the lines Milwaukee Veteran Pioneer Extraordinaire”, the seasoned emcee lives up to the reputation with witty lyrics and a solid delivery over the neck snapping instrumental as he pays homage to the likes of the Microphone Fiend Rakim, MF Doom, Steady B, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Mantronix, Notorious B.I.G., BIG PUN, and the Hip Hop Band Stetsasonic.

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Parallax – In doubt for too long.

UK emcee Parallax may be known for his underground work but on his new self-produced song/video “In Doubt For Too Long”, he switches his flow and the beat and shows us why he is one of the best in the game right now.  The track has a solid trap bounce with a soulful texture while Parallax delivers precise machine-gun flows that hit the bullseye.

The video is super fresh as well and its filled with clever transitions and cinematic shots in the capital city. The slick editing will surely keep the viewers engaged from start to finish.



Mr. Ekow – Ekow Freestyle.

Mr. Ekow kicks off his 2019 with his own take on the soulful “Echo” instrumental from Swizz Beatz. Effortlessly flowing over the buttery soundscape, Mr. Ekow shows in under 3 minute his growth when it comes to the pen. Whether he’s talking about metaphysical realities or stomping on the face of your favorite rapper, Ekow delivers bar after bar, whilst in command of several flows..


Jaeo Draftpick – Beef & Broc.


For his first release of 2019, Jaeo Draftpick delivers, “Beef & Broc”. He takes charge of a slapping Trap infused beat and delivers an energetic vocal performance laced with slick lyrics and undeniable presence.




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