Emerging singer/producer CatchTwentyTwo‘s moniker presents a dilemma from the jump but that only adds to the type of music he makes. The Broward County Florida raised genre-bending act brings a refreshing take on complicated love, mixed emotions using a blend of lo-fi, moody r&b, and pop.

The first cut “won’t wait anymore” comes with a vintage styled visual which adds a nice touch to the theme of the song. The self-produced cut is very groovy and solemn with its warm basslines, lush 80s styled synths, and laid back drum arrangements.  CatchTwentyTwo takes the listener down a familiar path where the dream of your dreams turned out to be the opposite and the blossoming relationship seems to go south due to internal and external factors pulling at the seams. CatchTwentyTwo sure delivers his own eclectic style that is part melodic, sing-songy but filled with emotions.

The visual was also self-directed and the style is moody and somewhat retro-fitted like the late 80s/early 90s videos. Get it on Soundcloud.

The second track “serenity” is actually the 4th track off  CatchTwentyTwo’s EP and again follows similar terrain. The production is dark, moody, and solemn which serves as the perfect backdrop for the artist’s pained emotions poured on wax. He uses his own experiences to draw inspiration for this one and explores how he still has a deep love for a certain individual even if things don’t work out between them. It’s a situation we are all familiar with and might have experienced one or two times in our own lives.

Both tracks are taken from his EP caught in the moments.


Keep up with CatchTwentyTwo  | Soundcloud: Spotify: Twitter: Instagram

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