Thought this was real funky. Some clever heads over at Digitalarti Artlab (I assume it’s a digital arts company) have developed ‘Water Light Graffiti’, a wall constructed of LEDs which light up when touched by water. Anything from a sponge to a splash to a spray. Realistically this won’t be revolutionary in the world of graffiti but it is another indication of a growing trend to tap in to Street Art as a marketing tool, to appeal to the masses and to combine it with technology – see this article about another example I did not so long ago.

Clearly it is, in one form, being accepted into mainstream society, but what does that mean for Graffiti? If it is no longer rebellious, does it lose its meaning, or is its meaning just a display of skill fundamentally anyway? Is it good that more people are appreciating urbarn art or is it become more diluted and lame as its popularity spreads? Interesting questions I feel.

Anyway, this thing is pretty cool. As well as video you can read some more about it here and see some nice photos from the demo here.

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