A Banksy-style art piece recently appeared somewhere in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Taken by Alexis Hyde, the photo (below) shows the piece as a soldier holding a gun over a message saying “Vandals found vandalising this vandalism will be prosecuted.”  The piece itself drew attention from many art blogs and magazines, trying to decide if it’s the actual work of the enigmatic artist. The message alone sure does send a warning shot to all the auctioneers who illegally take the artwork and sell it in their galleries — as Banksy did denounce the unauthorized exhibition of his pieces in the past. Specifically, he stated, “I’d encourage people not to buy anything by anybody unless it was created for sale in the first place.”

But the piece in question — isn’t Banksy’s. According to an email sent to the NY Times, representatives for Banksy said, “He has used the word ‘vandalism’ before, but the piece is fake.”  So, who’s piece is this?

Well, that piece goes to an Los Angeles artist who goes by the name Stromberg. If you go look at his facebook page, then you’d know he’s taking full credit for it. Included on his page are some pictures of the finished pieces in many places, included a stencil of a rat next to a drain on the wall of — what he said — was Siren Studios. Check out more pictures on his FB page.


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