New York City‘s beloved graffiti shrine, 5 Pointz, met its end yesterday when Judge Frederic Block had no choice but to rule in favor of building’s owner. “I love the work and it’s going to tear my heart out to see it torn down, but as a judge I have to apply the law,” he said. “I can’t grant the injunction.”

Founder & artist Jonathan Cohen (aka Meres One) did everything in his power to stop the demolition but things turned south quickly for him when he woke up this morning to his project painted over white.

5 Pointz supporters hoped they could stop building owner’s Jerry and David Wolkoff from tearing down the Long Island City landmark and putting in luxury high rises through protests & petitions. However, as owners, they can do what they want.

Members of City Council have vowed to honor and pay tribute to the project through the rebuilding of the high rises:

  • The creation of 1,000 union jobs (200 of them permanent) in connection with the razing and rebuilding of the 5Pointz site.
  • The increase of “art space” within the buildings from 2,000 to 12,000 square feet.
  • An inclusion of 10,000 square feet of external panels around the complex that will be devoted to aerosol art. Johnathan Cohen, the curator and founder of 5Pointz sometimes referred to as Meres One, has allegedly been invited to both paint and curate the panels.
  • 32,000 square feet of public space that will include a park.

Lets hope this stands.

RIP 5 Pointz.

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