‘4 minutes to 5’  is a smooth, laid back cut from NY based emcee/label owner Syn. Besides controlling the microphone,he also runs his own outfit called 456 Movement which is a collective of various artists (AlexaCamira The Rapper, A.C.E to name a few). Syn is currently preparing his full length project titled Crowded Room but in the interim he blesses us with this smooth jawn.

Tune in and get with the program. 

Syn is a CEO, Artist, and Producer residing in Queens NY. He is determined to bring 456 to the top of the entertainment world. Inspired by the likes of Quincy Jones, Russell Simmons, and Sean Combs, Syn knew that with music there was no plan B. Music has been in his heart since his youth. 

“Music is the only thing that has always been around and will always be around. The biggest sin in the world is to not use the talent God has given you. If you’re not going to give it your all, why give anything at all.”


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