Bodega Bamz takes it back to the essence of rap with his new single titled “So Supreme” where he gives listeners a glimpse into his world where nothing is given. Over a somber but punchy backdrop courtesy of fellow NY producer/songwriter Frankie P, Bamz comes through with his characteristic smooth flow and evocative lyrics that showcase his unique penmanship. “So Supreme” is nostalgic and revives the classic style of hip-hop in a fresh new way.


 It all started with a few samples which led to a collaborative session in the studio between acclaimed producer Frankie P and executive producer Johan Estrella, who helped create the instrumental and hook. Many months later Estrella connected with Bodega Bamz and asked him if he wanted to feature on the beat. It was recorded in two studio sessions and was mixed and mastered by Diego Raposo. The lyrics were inspired by Bodega Bamz’s children and he wanted the anthem to make listeners feel good from within. 

Get “So Supreme” on all DSPs here.

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