Producer Sun Thru Trees has been featured here and has always thrilled us with his sublime production style. He blends dusty jazzy arrangements with layered elements from different genres. On his new full-length project One Won Now, he ramps up the energy levels with quite a wide variety of sounds and musical styles.


The producer sure knows how to pick his sounds and his chord arrangements, solemn textures, and punchy percussions make for a great listen once you hit the play button. From the dreamy and somewhat reflective track “Young Sequoia,” the off-kilter moody “Magewand” to the soothing funky vibes of “Lavender Crescendo,” Sun Thru Trees runs the gamut of sounds that takes the listener from point A to Z.

One Won Now is such a cohesive and well-rounded body of work and we highly recommend it for your weekend stay at home playlist.


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