New Mexico based duo T H R O N E is an experimental music project that is made up of rapper Hayatheus  (hi-ah-theus) and vocalist YVHIKV  (yuh-hey-guh), Both artists have an interesting approach that strays from the norm. Blending melodic runs and insightful, off-the-cuff lyrics over eclectic beats, the duo delivers quite a refreshing piece of art that is engaging and exciting. Today they shared two tracks “Bar None” and “Bold” from their stash.

“Bar None” sees the duo teaming with producer Strong Maurice who laces them with a laidback, dreamy backdrop. The track is quite short and doesn’t make use of the traditional song arrangement but rather a long verse that showcases how Hayatheus and YVHIKV fuse their different styles in an effortless manner. I really dig the way the melodies accompany the rapping without overpowering it.

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The second cut the duo share is titled “Bold” and once again continues their fused approach. From the moody lo-fi textures, boomy basslines, melodic runs, and eclectic lyrics, the dup sure brings us closer to what makes them tick. There is some bravado here and some insightful elements as well.

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Hayatheus is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, but spent much of his life living and working abroad in the Middle-East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. YVHIKV hails from Mvskoke (Creek) Nation in Oklahoma. The couple currently resides in the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico.


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