SRH is an emcee out of Montreal who has been putting in work for a minute now, dropping mixtapes,EPs and performing live. I was fortunate to see him open for Camp Lo alongside David Hodges(also from Montreal) and they both gave quite a thrilling performance. Anyways SRH is back with a single titled ‘Seek It Out‘. A mellow,reflective musical piece which puts SRH in his element,effortlessly mixing rapid fire flow with self poignant lyrics. He definitely puts his all on this emotion laden song which was also orchestrated by David Hodges. Brilliant song with solid visuals as well. Tune in and get with the program

Get the audio HERE

Benjamin Shubert (born May 6, 1991), better known by his stage name SRH, is a Canadian rapper and songwriter. SRH has released numerous mixtapes of original compositions, including Soulful Intentions, The “No Big” EP, Excuse My Arrogance, No Big Deal, and Why Not?. In 2012 he collaborated with Los Angeles-based musician and composer FrankMusik on the six-song EP City Switch. SRH compositions are regularly featured on the website HotNewHipHop and is also featured on blogs like, NahRight, YouHeardThatNew, HipHopDX, ExclusivesZone and more…

SRH was born and raised in Montreal where he began composing and rapping by age 10. SRH’s music is rhythm oriented, featuring complex flow and rhyme patterns. For SRH, music is “my addiction, my purpose, my escape.

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