By Jessica Helen Brant

Success normally doesn’t happen over night, but for Jordan Alexander, we make the exception. The pint-sized, Toronto-based singer songwriter is sweeping the music scene like wildfire with her true to heart lyrics, folksy pop and trance infused guitar melodies, and of course, her adorable blue Mohawk. She’s also touting accolades from as far as the UK. DIVA Mag named her a top choice on their “Queer Ones to Watch For in 2016” list. Having only picked up a guitar three years ago, Jordan was cajoled into entering her first competition, which she dominated fiercely with a performance of one of her original songs. It’s been smooth sailing since for the tiny but talented Canadian because she’s been left in good hands; Canadian singer and actress Bif Naked brought the 25 year-old hummingbird on tour with her in 2016, and she is currently working directly with a Grammy nominated, Juno award winning producer, Gerald Eaton.





What’s most alluring about Ms. Alexander is that her voice is extremely mature and chameleon-like. After listening to a few tracks off her debut album, The Lonely Hearts Club, I could easily see the artist taking her neo-soul, Nora Jones and Lorde rolled into one, coffee shop gypsy sound to almost any venue imaginable. She could rock a college dorm, Central Park, or a football stadium and the quality of the performance would resonate. She’s that powerful. Her latest release, “Take Me Out Tonight” shows off her seamless vocal prowess. The video highlights stunning aerial views of the Toronto skyline at night as Jordan and her mischevious friends flutter about the city. Jordan invites her grandmother along for the adventures. The video breaks the societal taboos we hold about reaching milestones. One is never too old to party.

Jordan took some time out of her busy music schedule to answer a few questions for TWIB. Check it out:

TWIB: The visuals in “Take Me Out Tonight” are amazing. What are some of your favorite places to perform in Toronto/Vancouver?

Jordan: I really loved playing at Adelaide Hall, and informally my favorite open mic is The Painted Lady, it has such a great atmosphere and a grilled cheese sandwich with honey! Also Not My Dog is a cool spot.

TWIB: Did it take some convincing to get your grandmother to be a part of the video or was she totally down for it?

Jordan: Direct quote from my Grams: “I would do anything for you Jordan.” I love her.

TWIB: What inspired the video?

Jordan: The inspiration for the video is actually a recreation of what inspired the song; my girlfriend and I were driving around in the middle of the night listening to music and just having the best time. Also I feel really passionately about inclusion, so when my producer Jarvis Church suggested my grandmother be in the video I was really excited about that. Everyone should be able to have a beautiful night regardless of age or anything else.

TWIB: Can you tell me a little bit about the musical vibe you were going for on “The Lonely Hearts Club” ?

Jordan: The album has an acoustic folk meets urban vibe, not intentionally but because those are probably my biggest musical influences.

TWIB: Are you okay with people referring to you as a “queer musician” or a queer singer? I know there are some rappers, producers, and musicians who don’t like their music to be referred to as “queer” the genre.

Jordan: I’m lucky to be really comfortable with being queer and I would hope to help other people feel comfortable with their sexuality/themselves, so yes I’m totally okay with being referred to as queer.



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